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May 27

Making Moves on Sky TV

How to stop shyness from ruining your life Making Moves was on the Chrissy B Show – “How to stop shyness from ruining your life” – SKY TV (channel 203) on the 10th June at 10pm. I was interviewed along with two very brave Making Moves participants by Chrissy B and shared their story of …

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Dec 17

Why we need to get out of our head?

How to stop the “cop in the head” from getting the better of you. Are the cops in your head getting the better of you? By ” cops in the head” I mean the voices in your head that  tell you it would be a really bad idea and REALLY UNCOOL if you said or …

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Sep 16

Article: Is it the Nasty People who get ahead? The power of natural authority.

How to claim you’re natural authority and hold your own against dominant people We’ve seen them in films, on TV, we’ve read about them in books – nasty guys who get to the top and throw their weight about – and make everyone else’s life a misery. They’re the dominant types, the alpha types, the …

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Jul 01

How did Laura Robson do it? The power of inner confidence

  How to get confidence and overcome performance nerves How did Laura Robson win against Marina Erakovic on Saturday 29th June 2013? Discover what it takes to be a winner and achieve your goals when the chips are down and your confidence is at its lowest ebb – whether your playing tennis, speaking in front …

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Sep 27

Overcoming writer’s block: how to write like a dream even when you think you can’t


Many people struggle with writing or experience writers block. And it’s not surprising. As a child you are taught how to form the letters, about grammar and how to construct sentences  – but after that you are expected to be able to write. It’s like teaching someone how to do the basics of arithmetic – …

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Dec 20

Dreaming – a winter solstice journey

Grandson Running Through a Dark Cave

We are moving into the time of dreaming. As each day closes we are aware of the darkness descending, as the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Maybe our sleep gets deeper, and our dreams become more vivid. Or we awake each morning knowing we have been somewhere in the night, scarcely remembering …

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Sep 05

True Confidence

What Gifts Lie Hidden Within? An Inspiring Story It takes a lot of courage to go on stage. I remember the first time I did, I was frozen with fear. But what did it take for this Korean boy to go on national television and perform to millions. An enormous amount of courage. And even …

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Aug 27

The Curse of Being Invisible

Boredom - Baby face

  Or How to be Seen and Heard Without Having to Scream and Shout About It Daniel was a quiet man, a clever man, a caring man – but he felt he was invisible. Daniel was an academic and it often took him days to prepare his beautifully composed and interesting lectures. But when it came to …

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Aug 27

How an introvert can overcome their fear of the spotlight

How an Introvert Can Become More Comfortable in the Spotlight and Be Seen, Valued and Recognised for Their Exceptional Gifts You know you have a special gift. Something you can’t keep to yourself and even if you’re not very clear what “it” is. You know you have to allow this gift to be seen if …

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