How do I get started?

social-phobia-disorderIt can feel like a very big leap to land on this site and then suddenly start thinking of how you might participate.

Particularly if you’ve been in your shell.

Participating is the one thing you find hard – particularly with people you don’t know.

Watch this video in which I offer some guidance on where you might start.

And then check out some of the information that you will find below.

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Everyone is individual and has slightly different needs, by setting up a 15 minute consultation with me, I can too get to know you, what you’re struggling with and which course is going to suit you best.

Our conversation will be completely confidential and will not be revealed to a third party for any reason.
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FREE E-BOOK – The Self-Confidence Myth

confidencemythsidebarAs I explain in the video if you haven’t yet signed up for my free e-book “The Self Confidence Myth” this is a very good way to gain more understanding of why you are in your shell and what it will take to get you out of it.

If you sign up for the e-book then you will also receive the newsletter with news of when the next courses are being offered so you don’t miss anything.

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Taster Events

I run Introductory Evenings so you can get a taste of what to expect. These evenings provides a very safe place for you to gently stretch out of your comfort zone with people who feel in the same boat as you.

The taster session yesterday was great! I came in feeling nervous and left feeling confident. Ram IT professional

I also run the one day Express Yourself Workshop three times a year. More intensive than the introductory evening, this one day workshop is a powerful day of self expression, enabling you to shift out of habitual modes of being, release some of the blocks to your confidence and discover how to exude the kind of magic and passion for life that makes you look and feel good.

I did the 1 day express yourself workshop and can happily say that it was one of the most fun and liberating experiences that I have ever come across. Ben Chaplin, Librarian

Introductory Courses

I offer a wide range of confidence courses which usually take place in London, designed for different needs and different confidence levels.

Most are twelve week courses and this is where the most significant change can take place thought the magical effects of The Sunflower Effect and why it’s so different from other confidence building methods.

Some people start with Breakthrough and then progress through the other courses.

Others start with with either Finding Your Voice or “I don’t know what to say” because of specific challenges they are facing or because they have reached a certain level of confidence.

Lack Confidence because you’re too quiet, shy, self-conscious or experience social anxiety?

The Breakthrough Confidence Course is the course that many people do first and is great for building confidence, breaking out of your shell, and becoming more of the “real” you.

The course is a good first step if shyness, social anxiety or self consciousness is on your radar or if difficult life experiences have undermined your confidence.

I  had been suffering from social anxiety from a very young age. I had tried CBT, anger management therapy, hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy and went to see many psychologists but nothing really helped me. The change and progress I made through the Breakthrough Course was absolutely priceless.  This was the first ever programme that actually managed to bring about a change in me unlike every single other therapy programme that I had joined before. Stefan Baumann, student

Terrified of speaking in front of groups?

Or do you feel seriously challenged when communicating verbally with others, then I would recommend Finding Your Voice – Speaking with Confidence Course.

This group is more geared towards spoken communication and many people come into this group because of challenges around giving presentations. It is also great for overcoming verbal blockages and inhibitions or if you feel that you are unheard by others.

Many people do this course too, as a follow on after Breakthrough.

Excellent course to increase your confidence and manage nerves in any public speaking situation. When the course finished I didn’t slip back into old habits, I continued to move forward on my journey.  Since the course I have presented to groups of over 20 people, I have chaired meetings and have delivered an hours coaching session to a small group!   I would highly recommend this course Ann Williams, Project Manager, Local Government, London

Are you often stuck with knowing quite what to say in social situations?

 The “I Don’t Know What to Say” Improvisation Course simply the best way I know for becoming more confident verbally.

This group is one of the most effective way of overcoming this issue as well as liberating you in so many other areas – and for most people it is also GREAT FUN.

A special group designed for quieter people to learn the basic tools and techniques of improvisation – that will make an enormous difference to how you communicate in  a whole range situations.

It’s six months since I did the “I don’t know what to say” course and I’m still seeing the benefits. I surprise myself sometimes as to where my confidence comes from in relating to people.
Peregrine Curran, healing practitioner

NOTE: Both the Finding Your Voice and “I Don’t Know What to Say” are suitable for newcomers and for people who have participated in my other groups and workshops. Many people do all three groups – as they work very well together.

People who participate in a series of course/workshops over a period of time report significant changes in all aspects of their lives as a result – and truly able to move from Wallflower to Sunflower and achieve the kind of confidence they have dreamed of.

Are difficult life experiences undermining your confidence and self-esteem? 

Breakthrough Plus is a POWERFUL course that takes place over two weekends that will enable you to TRANSFORM those experiences through the most powerful aspects of The Sunflower Effect

Similar to Breakthrough and yet more intense. Breakthrough Plus goes a whole lot deeper, gets to the heart of the patterns that have kept you stuck in old roles and modes of behaviour.

The process which takes place on the second weekend has been life changing for so many people – in fact one participant said he made more progress in this one hour process than in 30 years of talking therapy.

The results from her courses are life transforming. Sounds gushy but it’s true.
Jane Roberts, writer

For some people this is where they need to start, although if you are new to this approach, you may want to participate in the Express Yourself Workshop of one of the 12 week courses.

How to book

You can easily book onto any of my courses by visiting the course webpage you will be able to:

  • book online (NEW)
  • set up a free 15 minute consultation with me on the phone
  • ask a question related to the course.

You will find details of how to book along with course details at the bottom of each course webpage.

Or check out the calendar and find out when the next batch of courses is being offered.

Not quite ready to join a group?

If you don’t feel quite ready to join one of the courses then coming to an individual session first, can be very helpful. This is another way of getting to know you, and can also help to get over any blocks that are getting in the way of you joining one of the courses.

If you’ve been dealing with some particularly difficult issues, a series of individual sessions can be very useful preparation for joining one of the courses.

Need More Information?

I hope you find plenty of resources on this website to answer your most pressing questions.

You find most of the information mentioned here and more, on the confidence resources page.

Information related to courses is on the confidence courses page

Our Frequently Asked Questions section – this will help to gain a lot more understanding about how the courses work and I hope allay your initial fears and anxieties, particularly if you’ve had bad experiences in the past when doing other courses.

Or see How it works to get a little bit of an idea of why Making Moves Courses are so effective of improving confidence levels

And if you’ve participated in lots of different courses/approaches you may want to know why the things you’ve tried haven’t worked  and in what way The Sunflower Effect is different.

Check out the key articles I’ve written on different aspects of self confidence from my blog.  By clicking the category – confidence, shyness, introvert, you will find articles relevant to that subject.

Check out the testimonials  of people who have participated

Find out more about my story and how I can help you

Or write to us here and tell us a little about your situation and what you’re looking for.

Getting started questions

From: Claire Schrader

claire135Hi there
Welcome to Making Moves particularly if you've been struggling with confidence.
I've been there myself, so I do understand.

If you want to get started as soon as possible it still may be possible to join one of the May courses.

I still have spaces in the Early Evening Breakthough course and the Early Evening Finding Your Voice Course and the Charisma course.

I also will be running a one day Express Yourself Workshop in July:

The Breakthrough Group is the first step for many people - particularly if you feel shy, self-conscious or experience social anxiety I've seen some miraculous transformations in my 20 years of running this group.

LAST PLACES  for the evening course, spaces on the early evening course

If speaking up in groups, being heard, or any public speaking is your challenge, then the  Finding Your Voice course is a good place to start if anxiety and nerves are the issue. I've had people with very severe symptoms including panic attacks, overcome these issues with relative ease.

The evening course is FULL, there are still some places on the early evening course.

"I don't know what to say" improvisation for social confidence is great for people with average confidence who experience some form of social anxiety or awkwardness but find themselves stumped with knowing what to say. Working through improvisation and will transform your verbal confidence and social skills.

This course is fully booked.

I also will be launching a more advanced course Charisma and Speaking Practice on May 17th 6-7.30pm.

You can book online for all my courses and events.

Book a telephone appointment with me or get in touch by email if you're not sure which course is right for you.

If difficult life experiences are undermining your confidence, Breakthrough Plus is a 2-weekend course that will enable you to transform those experiences. It will be running again in the Autumn.

I look forward to hearing from you

Best, Claire