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Dec 17

Why we need to get out of our head?

How to stop the “cop in the head” from getting the better of you. Are the cops in your head getting the better of you? By ” cops in the head” I mean the voices in your head that  tell you it would be a really bad idea and REALLY UNCOOL if you said or …

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Sep 16

Article: Is it the Nasty People who get ahead? The power of natural authority.

How to claim you’re natural authority and hold your own against dominant people We’ve seen them in films, on TV, we’ve read about them in books – nasty guys who get to the top and throw their weight about – and make everyone else’s life a misery. They’re the dominant types, the alpha types, the …

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Jul 01

How did Laura Robson do it? The power of inner confidence

How to get confidence and overcome performance nerves How did Laura Robson win against Marina Erakovic on Saturday 29th June 2013? Discover what it takes to be a winner and achieve your goals when the chips are down and your confidence is at its lowest ebb – whether your playing tennis, speaking in front of …

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Mar 08

Speaking with confidence – stop comparing yourself to other people

THE ART OF BEING THE REAL YOU Annabel  was one of those powerful, successful women that I believed I could never be like. Every time Annabel stood up to make an announcement about something she was doing, it seemed everyone sat up and listened. Annabel had a natural authority that anything she talked about seem …

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Feb 15

Free Meditation: Shining Your Light

Free Meditation It was  my great pleasure to be chosen to create a meditation as one of the Twelve Days of Christmas Meditations that John Levine offered to his clients – over the Twelve Days of Christmas 2012-13. For 12 days John released a free meditation to accompany his new 12 Archangel CD “The power …

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Nov 22

Feel the Fear – how to overcome fear without paralysing yourself


Fear is powerful. The fact that fear is not real in most cases, makes it no less powerful. Fear can grip you around the heart, paralyse you, run you into the ground and make all action impossible. Most of the things you fear are inside your head, and produce similar physical sensations as if you …

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Sep 27

Overcoming writer’s block: how to write like a dream even when you think you can’t


Many people struggle with writing or experience writers block. And it’s not surprising. As a child you are taught how to form the letters, about grammar and how to construct sentences  – but after that you are expected to be able to write. It’s like teaching someone how to do the basics of arithmetic – …

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Jul 03

The Call to Adventure – life as a daring adventure

How to follow your deepest calling and live your life as a magical adventure The Call to Adventure If you’ve ever heard the quote by Helen Keller…. “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing” …..you may be forgiven for feeling daunted. Maybe that’s because you’re standing on the threshold of a new adventure right …

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Feb 14

How to be creative – even if you think you’re not

Do you feel like this image – as if half of you is not there? (If you can can’t see this image it is of a man who’s face and body is partially invisible). This is the experience of many people and they wonder why they feel uninspired, deadened and not able to enjoy their …

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Dec 20

Dreaming – a winter solstice journey


We are moving into the time of dreaming. As each day closes we are aware of the darkness descending, as the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Maybe our sleep gets deeper, and our dreams become more vivid. Or we awake each morning knowing we have been somewhere in the night, scarcely remembering …

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