Free Meditation: Shining Your Light

Free Meditation

Shining your light

It was  my great pleasure to be chosen to create a meditation as one of the Twelve Days of Christmas Meditations that John Levine offered to his clients – over the Twelve Days of Christmas 2012-13.

For 12 days John released a free meditation to accompany his new 12 Archangel CD “The power of 12” – a compilation that John has created from his 12 Archangel CD series.

The power of Alphamusic

I am a great fan of John’s work which he calls alphamusic – this is music that induces alpha brain waves which promotes the right environment for deep healing. Many Making Moves participants have become fans of this powerful and beautiful music that has such healing effects – particularly in the area of insomnia, stress, immune system deficiency and emotional issues.

Shining your light

But in truth we all need help with Shining our Light every day! You can listen to the meditation here. It is just 12 minutes long featuring one minute of each Archangel.

Shining Your Light Meditation- listen now

Colliding wind binary
Artist’s rendering of a colliding wind binary. (Credit: NASA/C. Reed)

If you are interested in finding out more about John’s inspiring work and music you can visit his website.

I hope you enjoy the meditation.

Wishing you deep journeying within and time to be still.

 © Claire Schrader 2012
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