How to stop shyness from ruining your life – Chrissy B Show – Sky TV

How to stop shyness from ruining your life

Making Moves was on the Chrissy B Show – “How to stop shyness from ruining your life” – SKY TV (channel 203) on the 10th June at 10pm.

I was interviewed along with two very brave Making Moves participants by Chrissy B and shared their story of their painful battle with shyness. See this 12 minute edited version of the programme.

Huge thanks also to the four other participants  who accompanied me to the Chrissy B Show’s studios in Finsbury Park and took part in a demonstration of what happens on one of my courses. The bulk of this ended up on the cutting room floor. I cannot thank you all enough for your incredible courage and willingness to expose yourselves in this way – and for the many other people who came forward to participate. I am deeply grateful to all of you.

Here is the full version with lots of useful and surprising information about shyness – 45 minutes.

The Chrissy B show is an upbeat, positive show that explores a very wide range to topics around mental health – in the widest meaning of the word – and addresses topics that are rarely aired on TV.

See http://www.chrissybshow.tv/

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3 thoughts on “How to stop shyness from ruining your life – Chrissy B Show – Sky TV

  • 3rd October 2015 at 10:05 am

    i dunno if that’s for me. for one, i feel like i’ve failed if go to a cosuenlor, cos then it’s obvious i have a problem. i guess staying away from them, then i can be in denial or something. i know it sounds dumb, but i’m weird that way. i’ve been too anxious and depressed to work.i’m 21 live at home with my parents and don’t do anything other than work on music etc. i dropped of my first resume in months the other day and thought i was gonna pass out cos i was having a major anxiety attack

    • 3rd October 2015 at 10:19 am

      I understand exactly what you mean Pierre. I avoided going to a counsellor for a similar reason. But it sounds like something is working for you – music.Maybe that is an avenue that you can explore that will enable you to break through. I wish you the best.

  • 6th October 2015 at 1:37 pm

    Pierre, I hope you find what works for you. Maybe there is some musical therapy to give you that lead in. You’ll find it in your own time. When you feel able to try something, maybe it’ll work, maybe not, and it’s okay to duck out if it proves too much for you. First and foremost, take care of yourself.

    I understand not wanting to go to a counsellor – the wrong counsellor can you put you off! Talk therapy never worked for me. Drama therapy certainly did. But it’s also about trying the right thing at the right time. All the things I tried and thought they didn’t work, they probably helped lay the foundation so drama therapy could. So it all worked out – eventually!


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