Claire Schrader’s new book: From Wallflower to Sunflower

The quiet person’s path to natural self-confidence

Best book for confidence if you’re quiet, shy or an introvert

best book for confidenceIf you are sick and tired of being a wallflower, this book will set you on a pathway of radical transformation to becoming the person you’ve always wanted to be.

From Wallflower to Sunflower breaks new ground in the field of confidence-building. A former wallflower, Claire Schrader stumbled by chance on a very simple and effective way to build a natural and lasting confidence.

To be stuck on the sidelines, cut off from other people, unable to express what you really feel or know, and unable to participate in the dance of life in the way you want to… is painful.

Particularly when you know, there’s so much inside you that you want to express… but you just can’t.

You may already know about what you should do if you want to stop being a wallflower. You should get out more, be more sociable, just speak up, behave how the confident people behave, try this technique or that, stop being so afraid of what other people are thinking of you.

best book for confidence

Most books and advice handed out on confidence may work very well for certain people – but they don’t work wallflowers. This is one of the mistakes that most wallflowers make when they are trying to build confidence.

But what you probably don’t know is that there is a Missing Link, and without that link, it’s going to be very hard to access the confidence you are seeking. It is just like standing on one side of the fast flowing River of Life with no means of getting across. You can be stuck on the wrong side of the River for years.

This is because there is a complex psychological process that keeps you locked behind powerful internal walls. Understanding why those walls are there can be useful to a certain extent but if those reasons are due to painful experiences in your past – it can keep you stuck in pain, trauma and blame – unable to get over the injustices and hurts that were done to you.

In fact, in some cases, it can drive you even deeper into those painful memories, and it can take many years to truly put them behind you. This is what most confidence building techniques do not address and why so many of them only have short-term benefits.

Claire Schrader, a former wallflower stumbled by chance on a very simple and effective way to build a natural and lasting confidence that didn’t involve any of these methods – that enabled her to say goodbye to her life as a wallflower in a matter of a few months.

This is the Missing Link, that is going to enable you to cross over the River of Life into the place where the “sunflowers”(the confident people) live – and to start building a totally new You. The Sunflower You – “The You” you’ve always wanted to be – that has the capacity to shine without having to do anything.

This Missing Link is the Sunflower Effect – a proven system developed by Claire over 20 years that has assisted many hundreds of people to move from Wallflower to Sunflower.

The Sunflower Effect is based on methods that are as old as history itself but have never been put together in quite this way. It is in fact based on the secret that every ex-wallflower movie star knows about, that has enabled them to achieve outstanding success in their lives.

best book for confidenceIt doesn’t involve any of the confidence techniques that don’t work for wallflowers. It’s highly practical, grounded in psychology and scientific research and it will work for you even if you count yourself as a lost cause – very shy, highly reserved and acutely self-conscious. The only thing you need is the willingness to give it a go – and the persistence to keep going.

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From Wallflower to Sunflower offers a step-by-step guide with proven strategies, practical tips and exercises as well as free online resources, to back up and intensify the reader’s experience of the book.

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The bonuses will turn the book into a much more powerful transformation machine. They include a number of experiential exercises, which will take you much deeper into your inner workings, and make this book far more effective.

Visit the book’s website and find out more about the book, including videos and photographs from the book launch, resources and inspiration:

 Visit the book’s website

best book for confidence

What the professionals say:

“Claire Schrader’s new confidence-building system, the Sunflower Effect, fills in the gaps where assertiveness training and other techniques leave off.

If you are a wallflower and you’ve tried practically everything else, read this book and discover that all the things that people have been saying about you are plainly not true.”
Raymond Aaron
NY Times Best Selling Author www.aaron.com

best book for confidence for quiet people

“Claire Schrader’s new book gives hope to anyone who finds themselves trapped as a wallflower. I have seen for myself how easily and quickly Claire can help people step out of their mental ‘prison’, which they may have been stuck in for years and instead in a playful manner reconnect with their natural inner confidence, joy and freedom.

I find that Claire’s methods and compassionate approach compliments hypnotherapy as clients can actually practise, explore and build on what they achieve through hypnotherapy, while being held in a safe space. You don’t need to be a wallflower anymore; you can become the sunflower that you really are. This book will show you how.”
Kirsten Dahlerup,
Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master practitioner kirstendahlerup.com

best book for confidence for quiet people

The author uses her own life experience as a shy person to evolve a system for shy and quiet people to grow in self-confidence.  The fact that she uses drama is in itself remarkable, as drama is something that shy people often run away from!  Having trained as a nurse at Kings College, Claire’s working life developed as a playwright and as a trainer in drama schools.  As her life increased in success, her first play was short-listed for a Charrington Fringe Award and won an Arts Council award, her system for confidence-building took shape.  Now it is an amazingly successful way of working using ‘drama in the safe space’. 

Claire describes how her own ‘self-belief’ emerged as her experience of healing drama increased.  This she is able to communicate to others in very powerful workshops that change people’s lives.  Claire runs intensive workshops in London (see her profile in this Newsletter), where participants can test her methods, as well as reading her book.  A very powerful combination!
I strongly recommend Claire Schrader’s way of working, the application of drama as healing in the best possible way.  It is an excellent book!
Prof. Sue Emmy Jennings PhD, anthropologist, Dramatherapy, Playtherapy and Neuro Dramatic Play pioneer (UK and Europe), performer, and author of 30 books on dramatherapy

What readers say:

Having just finished this book, I feel so full of hope and excitement that I’m compelled to write my first ever Amazon review.

As someone who has spent life feeling trapped in the straightjacket of shyness, I now feel confident the author has just shown me the way to escape.
I’ve always been fascinated by famous actors or performers who, when interviewed, would claim to have been very shy in the past. I would scream at the television, pleading for them to share the secret of how they’d overcome that. No answer ever came.

Thankfully this book answers the question because the author knows how it feels to be trapped in the prison of self-consciousness and shyness and, having discovered the escape route for herself, she is clearly passionate about helping others find freedom also.
The story of her own personal journey is moving and inspiring.

The creative methods she has developed over years of helping people break out of their comfort zone intuitively make sense to me, but they also seem to blend together principles of some well established, proven psychological therapies in a fresh and creative new way.

It goes without saying that navigating this journey towards a more confident version of myself will require a lot of courage and effort on my part. However, I finally feel like I have a map to guide me there and that surely has to be a great start.

Amazon Customer

25 March 2017

From Wallflower to Sunflower is a superb book that must be bought and read. If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to discover the work of Claire Schrader, this book will give you a thorough insight into how using drama in a safe space can bring about amazing healing and empowerment.

There are various exercises and techniques which I am already using in my life to make sure I don’t resort to my ‘wallflower’ tendencies and be the ‘sunflower’ that I am!

Also weaved into the book are Claire’s own struggles and how she found solutions and healing from a quiet and shy girl to one of absolute self-belief and confidence.

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Claire Schrader’s new book:  From Wallflower to Sunflower – the quiet person’s path to natural self-confidence was published in March 2017. (Available on Amazon)

See the book’s website and photographs and videos from the book launch

You are highly recommended to read Claire’s book in combination with participating in any of the Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses.

This will enable you to get more out of courses because you will understand more about how the Sunflower Effect works, and therefore the methods used will make more sense to you.

best book for confidence © Claire Schrader 2017

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