Photos and Videos from the Book Launch of From Wallflower to Sunflower

Many thanks to all those who attended the Book Launch of From Wallflower to Sunflower and Celebration of 20 years of Making Moves.

People came from far and wide to attend: Here’s a video to give you a flavour of the event and photographs of the event.

Many thanks to Rene Toussaint who shot and edited this video.

Many thanks to Nirish Shakya who took these photographs.

Talks by Claire

Introduction and welcome to the event.

In this video, I describe how I overcome shyness through a series of coincidences that lead me to develop Making Moves and the Sunflower Effect. Drama was the last thing I wanted to do!

In this video, I explain how the 9 elements of my confidence building system, the Sunflower Effect, work together to break old patterns that keep “Wallflowers” locked behind powerful psychological walls.

Performances and talks by Making Moves Participants and Associates

20 years of Making Moves – my longest standing participant, Thelma, who almost came to the very first session I offered in 1996.

She speaks of her many experiences of my courses over a 20 year period. She attended the 2nd session of the first 6 week course I ran in 1996.

Jaycee la Bouche performs her poem “Don’t believe the Hype” about confidence and body image. This poem is for you if your confidence is undermined by concerns about body image or how you look. Jauvee shows us in her distinctive way that most of it is all “hype”.

Jaycee’s second poem addresses issues of the root of many confidence issues – the often painful process of growing up.

About Jaycee

Jaycee is a performance poet, author, self-care expert and coach. She is passionate about supporting people gain the tools and mindset to live a happy and balanced life.

She participated in the Performance Course and the “I don’t know what to say” Improvisation course so that she could feel more authentic and natural as a performer.

Lela tells her story about how she had “no voice” before she came to Making Moves.

On seeing this video she said, “I sound so angry”.

This is the passion she felt for her transformation and the anger she understandably feels for the pain and trauma she experienced that took many years to release and heal – and what it took to free herself from it.

Fran Singer, therapist, artist and teacher wrote one of the endorsements for the book.

Here she tells us how easy it is to grow sunflowers.

We gave out sunflower seeds to all attendees of the book launch, to symbolise the sunflower that is growing inside us. It is for us to water and nurture the seeds of our own potential.

Fran also spoke of her participation in Making Moves groups and sessions, and the inspiration she found for her work as an artist.

John Grant, author, strategist (marketing and innovation) spoke about the innovative work he did with me, in the nineties.

He says he is moving from “Sunflower to Wallflower”. The journey that most extroverted people need to make – to find that contemplative parts of themselves.

At the end of the video he speaks movingly about his son, who really struggled with being visible in a social setting – and the agony he saw his son go through.

More information

For more information about the book and to sign up for the free bonuses that come with the book: 

From Wallflower to Sunflower – the quiet person’s path to natural self confidence

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