Video: The Confidence to Take Risks

A talk from the launch of my book From Wallflower to Sunflower, by Fran Singer, artist, teacher and therapist, who also endorsed the book.

In this video, Fran talks about a very important aspect of confidence – the courage to take risks.


If you aren’t able to take risks – your confidence is not going to take you very far. You need also to go with your gut instincts – one of the most important elements of the Sunflower Effect – AND risk making a mistake, looking a fool, being wrong, saying the wrong thing, saying something that will offend another person.

These are things that most people want to avoid – particularly if you’ve had unpleasant experiences in the past – which may have left you deeply traumatised – and one of the reasons why your confidence is at a low ebb anyway.


However, I have found that when you operate from your gut instincts, you are activating a different part of your brain…. some people call this their Right Brain…. which in my experience connects you with a higher intelligence based in your intuition and instincts.

Whenever I really operate from this place,  I NEVER MAKE A MISTAKE. In fact the most brilliant things start coming out of my mouth – things I could never have thought up.

This is what Fran is talking about – the courage to take risks is really important in any creative field. Most great artists and sculptors know this. If you don’t have a roomful of failed work, you probably will never fulfil yourself as an artist.

There’s no real scientific explanation of the intuition. All creatures have instincts – this is their survival –  and this is what connects you in with the wisest part of yourself.

Unfortunately, because you live in a head-based world and you have lost touch with this instinctive intelligence – and this what Fran learned when she was doing my courses.

See Why you need to get out of your head?

Is living in your head doing you any good?


My gratitude to Fran for her moving words and her willingness to share her experiences with you – and for endorsing the book.

She will tell you how easy it is to grow sunflowers..

I hope you can find time to watch. It’s about 5 minutes.

Fran’s testimonial

Claire Schrader’s new book is an essential companion for anyone just setting out across this daunting landscape, to help build the necessary bridges and create the foundation for reaching an individually defined, positive personal destination. It includes a highly detailed account of the author’s self-development journey, its setbacks and challenges – often full of pain and doubt – but ultimately one of self-discovery, transformation and resolution.

There are comprehensive exercises, strongly reflecting the type of work done during face-to-face sessions and on group courses at Making Moves.There is access to online resources to back-up and intensify the exercises presented throughout the book. As someone who uses the Bach Flower remedy system I found useful parallels between the extended metaphors of the author’s Wallflower and Sunflower states which define attitudes towards our lives, emotions and imbalances.
Fran Singer
Artist, Teacher and Therapist

 © Claire Schrader 2018

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