Do I need any drama experience?

Do I need any drama experience?

No you don’t.

Most people who attend the courses have little or no experience of drama.

The Sunflower Effect Courses®, in fact, are designed for people with little or no drama experience or who have had negative experiences of drama.

They will help you to overcome your fears of being in the spotlight, of looking ridiculous, or of expressing yourself.

It is not like going to a drama class where you are put on the spot and told to do something that you don’t want to do. 

Or where there is an expectation for you to perform well.

It’s not about being good at drama

Learning to take the pressure off yourself

Instead, you will be invited to take this pressure off yourself and not worry about making mistakes.

You will be encouraged to go with the flow of your natural instincts and to have fun. This produces a very safe atmosphere for self-expression.

The funny thing is that when you stop being so focused on the drama, this opens up a space where you may surprise yourself as to what you can achieve.

The thing that blocks most people’s confidence and self-expression is the pressure to perform and to look good – which is an ego state which blocks so many other areas of life too.

The Sunflower Effect® will take you beyond ego, competitiveness and the usual trappings of drama to a means of expressing yourself in more empowered ways.

Useful Information

See the article about how Drama helps to build confidence. It goes into a bit more detail about how this works and how it particularly helps with shyness and self-consciousness.

What happens in a session?

If you’re really worried about the drama, see this information: Can’t do drama?

What if I’ve had some drama experience?

In this video, I describe how drama enabled me to build a natural self-confidence – to the point that most people these days assume I’m an extrovert.

The drama, acting and voice exercises gave me the confidence to take on new challenges at work. Claire was very supportive and encouraging. She made the classes fun and safe for me to act out the thoughts and fears that were preventing me from going forward.

As the weeks went on, I stopped being critical about myself and started giving myself lots of praise. I had some difficult situations at work, and this course gave me the confidence to present myself positively and get my message across in a professional way.

I started to realise that people were interested in what I had to say and respected my views. As I moved out of my comfort zone and faced new challenges, I realised the anxiety and fears had become less. I felt relaxed in situations that I used to find daunting.

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