What if I’ve had some drama experience?

What if I’ve had some drama experience?

If you’ve had some experience of drama and enjoyed it, then this means you are going to find the drama a lot easier. You are already comfortable expressing yourself through a character.

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Deep Exploration

People who have previous experience of drama find the Sunflower Effect® a very different way of working.  It’s not about performing and putting on a good show but about exploring yourself at a deeper level.

It’s too about exploring the truth within the character and, at the same time, liberating yourself to be more of who you truly are.

In fact, it’s completely different from the kind acting you have done in a drama class or in a play.

We’ve had people with all levels of drama experience join the courses, including professional performers.

But the focus of the session is on what you experienced when you performed the character. How you felt and what you discovered about yourself in the process.

It will enable you to release emotions and transform deep blocks that are holding you back. This is why the Sunflower Effect® is so effective at building confidence.

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I feel these are excellent tools for teaching listening, sharing, co-operation, flexibility, self-expression etc. through creativity.

The day reminded me of how creative a group of people can be even when they don’t previously know one another well. It was totally joyful!  We were let off the leash and delighted ourselves with what we were able to produce.

Claire enabled us to do this working openly, sort of “on the edge” allowing our spirit to emerge. The style of the day was to go right to the essence of magic and creativity.

The day served to renew my hope and sense of confidence that everyone has a creative source inside them.
Tony Page, Organizational Development Consultant, Page Consulting, London

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