Confidence articles to support you

Confidence articles to support you

Dip into these Free Confidence Articles from our newsletter/blog around various aspects of confidence, releasing negative emotions and how to deal effectively with a wide range of challenges.

These are designed to support you whilst you are participating in the Sunflower Effect Courses® and beyond.

After you’ve finished your course, and as you grow your confidence, you are bound to hit upon a new problem area.

The articles will also help you to understand why it’s such good value to follow up with other Sunflower Effect Courses.

Here are some of the categories

Overcoming shyness
Speaking with confidence
Confidence for introverts
Inspiring Stories
Published Articles from magazines in UK and USA.

Or click a tag (you’ll find this next to the category at the top of the page) to find other articles on the topic.

Some subjects have included:

The Curse of Being Too Nice – or how to be nice without other people taking advantage of you….

The Curse of Being Invisible – how to be seen and heard without having to scream and shout about it.

The Curse of Emotions – how to stop emotions from making your life a misery.

The Curse of Being Angryhow to express and channel your anger in empowering ways without hurting other people.

We hope you will find what you are looking for.

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