How do I write a review or testimonial

How do I write a review or testimonial

Thanks so much for your willingness to write a review about your course.

Writing a review will help us a lot. And it will also help you. Because it will enable you to crystallise what you achieved on your course, and it will help you to process the course at a much deeper level.

It will help us because, if you can remember back to when you started thinking about doing one of the Sunflower Effect Courses®, you may have had doubts about signing up. Our participants tell us that it is reading about your experience of doing the courses, that makes them decide to give it a go.

Achieving the impossible

Having tried multiple variations of therapy, most of which came at a very high price, I found Claire, the course and the group, one of the most effective ways to help manage my anxiety.

I find myself now, much more confident in trusting my instinct and knowing what to say…It’s been 20 years of dealing with a common thread of negative self talk so thank you Claire, for helping me shift something that once seemed impossible.

Tania Davies, Hospitality, verified review on FindCourses


You don’t need to sell the course – just mention your reason for doing the course and what you achieved.

It’s a good idea to keep a copy of what you write in case it disappears into cyberspace – and let me know you’ve done a review so I can look out for it.

You won’t need to identify yourself in any way other than your first name, pseudonym or initials through the Review form at the bottom of this page or at Find Courses (we may not be promoting our courses on Find Courses in the future).

However, Google reviews will use your Google identity.

These are verified reviews, so they carry more weight in the eyes of prospective participants.

See other reviews that people have written on Find Courses:

If you’ve done more than one course you can mention the other courses you’ve done, 

Link for Google Review:


Link for FindCourses

However, Find Courses asks you to name the course that you are reviewing. So best to do a review for each course


For the brave: Video Testimonial

I am also seeking video testimonials. 

I know it’s a really big deal to do a video testimonial. But if you feel you can, it will have an enormous impact on me. Your name will not be mentioned. I will be using snippets from what I record – which will be a compilation of different people speaking about the course.

Most people meet with me on Zoom – where I will be asking you a number of questions. 

I’ve created a link for booking a time slot. I’m not expecting to be much longer than about 15-30 mins.

Book a time to do your video testimonial

Just click a link and choose a time and day that suits you – and you’ll get a confirmation with the zoom link.

The questions are included in the confirmation when you sign up.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart if you choose to help. It makes an enormous difference to me.

I hope you are thriving and hope to see you again before too long


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