How to recommend the courses to your friends

How to recommend the courses to your friends

If you have enjoyed participating and/or have experienced a significant shift as a result of the Sunflower Effect Courses®, please spread the word. Your words are far more powerful than anything we could say.

Or, if you have found the information and resources on this website or in our newsletters to be helpful, inspiring, or supportive to you, please tell people about it.

Sharing on social media is very powerful – if you feel comfortable with that.

This approach has been life-changing for many people who are struggling with confidence issues, shyness or self-consciousness. It can be a wonderful gift to a friend who is struggling or a way of getting closer to people in your life.

This helps us to keep prices affordable and thus available to more people (as it means we don’t need to spend large amounts on advertising).

Others have given their partners a gift of one of these courses, as these are wonderful tools to help to deepen and sustain a relationship. The most important of which is being able to play together.

In the past people have brought people to sessions from buses, and cafes as well as phoned around and told their friends about the Sunflower Effect Courses.

Thank you, I appreciate your recommendations.

The Best Way to Recommend Your Friends

This information will make it easier to introduce your friends to the Sunflower Effect®.

Just send an email/message/text to friends who you think might enjoy this approach and who need a little help with coming out of their shell. 

It’s useful to tell them a little bit about why you signed up for the course and what you got out of it. The more open and honest you can be about yourself, the more you can open up another dimension to your friendship.

You probably don’t want to tell them why they need the courses unless you think they would be receptive. This may create resistance and drive them even deeper into the problem. 

If you can speak to them directly, tell them what you think they will get out of the course. And what they will be able to do with their lives.

Don’t be too discouraged if people don’t respond positively at first. It can take some people a while to be ready. 

Send them a link to the website  https://www.makingmoves.net or to one of my articles or one of my information pages

Posting on social media is also a really great way to spread the word. There’s sharing links at the bottom of most of our pages.

Tell them if they sign up for the newsletter, they will get three chapters from my book.  This will also subscribe them to my regular newsletter with more articles of interest as well as details of upcoming events in London.

Tell them about Introductory Events

You can also encourage them to attend an Introductory Evening. So that they can see what it’s like to participate and if the courses would work for them.

Or, encourage them to check one of my confidence courses or the Express Yourself Workshop.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Claire Schrader

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