How do I write a review or testimonial

How do I write a review or testimonial

Did you love the course and would like to tell others about it?

Thanks so much. So many people choose the Sunbflower Effect Courses because of the reviews we receive from people like you.

Writing or recording a review or testimonial will have a big impact. You will be helping to change lives. You will be helping someone who would have been too anxious or hesitant to sign up, find the courage to take the plunge.

We know it is a big deal every time someone decides to do one of the Sunflower Effect Courses.

It will also will also have some benefits for you. It will enable you to crystallise what you achieved on your course and help you process the course at a much deeper level.

It will help us because, if you can remember back to when you started thinking about doing one of the Sunflower Effect Courses, you may have had doubts about signing up.

You don’t need to sell the course—just mention your reason for doing the course, the things you were and what you achieved as a result of participating.

You can review the course in a number of ways:

  • Write a review
  • Record an audio review
  • Record a video review

Write a review

Verified reviews on Findcourses or Google carry more weight in the eyes of prospective participants, as the person’s identity has been verified independently.

Write a review on Findcourses

We promote our courses on Findcourses where we have a very good reputation, with an average rating of 4.9⭐️.

Findcourses asks you to name the course that you are reviewing.

You won’t need to identify yourself in any way other than your first name, pseudonym or initials.

See other reviews that people have written on Findcourses for an idea of what other people have said.

Write a review on Google

Google reviews are powerful because they show up in search results – and that has a big impact on our reputation online. We have a 5 ⭐️ rating.

However, Google reviews will use your Google identity so not so many people choose this. We understand the importance of privacy, however if you feel comfortable enough to write a Google Review it will really help us.

See other reviews on Google. If the link doesn’t work – search for the Sunflower Effect on Google and you will see a panel

For the Brave: Video and Audio Testimonials

Even more powerful is recording a video or audio.

I know it’s a really big deal to do either a video or audio testimonial, but if you feel you can, it will have an enormous impact on potential participants. They will be able to see you or hear you and they will feel emotionally connected with you and therefore more likely to trust what you say.

You can record your review directly by either recording a video, recording your screen, or recording an audio. We will give you some suggestions of what to talk about.

Although we will ask for a name, you can use a nickname, initials or your first name (if you feel comfortable with that. This service is also verified to ensure that the review is genuine.

Thanks for your willingness to help others to find freedom through your brave words.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for supporting my work.

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