I know I will be made to look silly

I know I will be made to look silly


If you attend any of the Sunflower Effect Courses®, you will not be pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do.

You will be invited to take your time and to take small steps.

If you were shamed as a child for “being silly” (or even as an adult), then this will have affected many aspects of your self-expression. This may have led you to live your life in a “small way”. It will certainly have left a scar.

So it’s no wonder you feel uncomfortable at the idea of doing drama.

But this is also what is keeping you stuck in your shell.

The Sunflower Effect® will enable you to overcome this in a relatively painless way. 

You might even discover that “being silly” is actually incredibly freeing and as good for you as vitamins or nutritious food.

Making it easier for you

The Sunflower Effect Courses® are a very safe place for you to break through in this area. Whilst you may feel self-conscious at times – this doesn’t mean that you are stuck in that place.

We will offer you some tools and suggestions which will make the process easier. This will enable you to free yourself from all that self-consciousness and embarrassment.

You will begin to feel more comfortable when you are out of your comfort zone.

Getting through the discomfort of feeling silly will make a significant difference in many areas of your life. This includes career, social situations, and the ability to have more fun in life.

It’s also not about conforming to some outside expectation of how you should be behaving.  It’s about finding a way of expressing yourself in your own way.

And you may find yourself spontaneously doing this!

We would suggest setting up a Course Enquiry or book for a Taster session so you can see for yourself how it all works.

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