I’m anxious in groups

… how can do I do a course that involves being in a group?

I totally understand. I can remember feeling like that myself.

It is absolutely true that groups can be rather frightening and overwhelming places, particularly for shy and anxious people.

There is often a lot of pressure to perform and to look good, in which the more socially adept outshine everyone else.

The impact of this is that most shy or reserved people retreat even more into their shell. Even if they have valuable information and perceptions to contribute – afraid that they will be shot down for saying something silly.

It is only through a group that you can break through your fear of being in a group

But groups as well as being terrifying – can also be places where you can make your biggest shifts.

We see much faster progress in this area for people who come into one of the Sunflower Effect Courses than almost anything else. Because it is only in a group that you can break through your fear of being in a group.

My courses are very supportive and empathic, where criticism is discouraged and acknowledgement encouraged. In other words, you will receive positive feedback from others for what you are achieving.

Plus, participating in the activities of the group will stretch you and expand you in ways you can’t imagine. Then the next time you’re back in a group situation – you will be surprised how comfortable and relaxed you feel. And you may find yourself speaking up and receiving a very positive response from others.

A positive experience of being in a group

Thus the Sunflower Effect course will help you build your confidence and give you a positive experience of being in a group – enabling you to break through this pattern for good.

We live in a culture in which people are becoming more and more isolated, which makes it all the more important for us to find strength in groups. With the support of a group, almost anything can be achieved.

On top of this, it has been proven that drama activities are very effective at overcoming anxiety.

See: How to overcome shyness and anxiety

I would suggest that you start with either the Breakthrough Group, Breakthrough Plus – a 2-weekend course, or the Express Yourself Workshop.

Get a taste of what to expect by coming to the next Intro Evening.

See the calendar for when the next course is starting.

Being terrified of groups need not be the end of the road for you.

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