I’m finding mistakes on your website

I’m finding mistakes on your website

We all make mistakes. 

If you find a mistake on my website, a link doesn’t lead where it should; or there’s a typo, a spelling mistake, or a sentence that doesn’t make sense, please let us know. Send us the link for the page where you found the mistake. And the sentence or paragraph where it occurred.

A very important part of the Sunflower Effect®, the confidence-building system that I have developed, is to be OK with making mistakes. Mistakes are learning experiences and being OK making mistakes can liberate you in many areas of your life… 

This quote from Nietzsche sums up the positive aspects of mistakes. It is often the chaos within us, the bits that are messed up and far from perfect that enables us to discover or unravel something very important to us. Nietzsche calls this our “dancing star”. This is something that we would never have hit on by doing everything right.

“you still must have chaos within yourself to give birth to a dancing star” NIETZSCHE

However, such errors can be very irritating on something like a website – and we’d love to eradicate as many errors as possible. Generally, it’s just me writing the text on the pages and attention to detail is not one of my strengths!

Please let us know, too, if anything on this website feels inappropriate or scares you off.  Or if a newsletter or email we send to you hits a wrong note.

It is our mission to find a way for more quiet, shy and introverted people to transform their lives through the Sunflower Effect® – and we want to remove as many obstacles that might prevent them from participating.

Claire Schrader

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