Find out if you are a gifted introvert

Find out if you are a gifted introvert

Take this gifted introvert test, and you may learn something very powerful about yourself that will change how you view yourself and the gifts that lie hidden within you.

At the bottom of this page, you will find some resources that will help you to understand yourself better and how you can start creating a more successful and fulfilling life for yourself.

gifted introvert test
Understanding yourself better as an introvert

The Gifted Introvert Test

You’re more likely to be a gifted introvert if these are your experiences. Tick those that apply.

The more these are true for you or were at one time, and the more ticks you have, the more likely it is that you are a gifted introvert but bear in mind the many variations within the introvert population. No two introverts are alike. Introverts can feature quite opposite behaviour. One introvert enjoys social interaction and meeting new people whilst another finds this a huge strain. One is mesmerising in front of a room, whilst another would rather die than go on stage.

You think first before talking. You rarely blurt your thoughts out without editing them. You find it hard to think quickly on your feet. (This is the thing that distinguishes the introvert most from the extrovert who can think on their feet and so can respond more quickly in situations. However, extraverts often speak before thinking their ideas through properly.)

You avoid the spotlight. Or you have a love-hate relationship with it, wanting to be noticed and recognised but also feel exposed and slightly uncomfortable when all eyes are on you.

People often describe you as reserved, quiet or calm. They may find you aloof or hard to get to know.

You need your “space” which often means a certain amount of time alone to process experiences or to re-energise. You process things slowly.

You feel drained after social occasions even if you’ve had a good time. You need time alone to rest and regroup before you can face people again. (An extravert can go to five parties in a row and still have loads of energy. Extraverts get energy from being with other people.)

You prefer to share special occasions with just one person, or a few close friends, rather than invite a crowd.

You have an excellent brain. You may have been academically strong and did well at school. Or you are creative, have special gifts, or abilities.

You are highly qualified, have numerous letters after your name, or have done countless training courses. You may have found it hard to do anything with these courses, despite your good intentions when you signed up for them because this would involve “putting yourself out there” – and you don’t feel ready to do that. It is classic of a gifted introvert that he/she never feels “ready” and needs more training/skills before they will be.

You and have the capacity to think deeply about things but it is harder to express your most complex ideas verbally, particularly under pressure.

You are a good listener, in general, you prefer listening to speaking. You find it easier to express your thoughts in writing than verbally. Thus you’re more likely to write an email than to make a phone call.

You are more insular, less likely to be demonstrative and may keep your feelings to yourself. You feel your emotions deeply and it can take you a long time to get over things.

When you have a deadline you can feel overwhelmed. In general, you don’t work well under pressure or if too much is going on. You prefer to have long periods of uninterrupted time to accomplish a complex task.

You are a keen observer. You notice small details that other people generally don’t see like facial expressions, small movements. You have the capacity to read people intuitively or to read energy. Sherlock Holmes was an introvert with an uncanny ability to observe the minutest detail to reveal the “truth”.

What is your score? How many boxes did you tick?

Even if you ticked as little as 25% of these, you have a strong introverted side. If more than you’re without question a gifted introvert.

Are you a gifted introvert?

How does that feel?

Introverts are most commonly not recognised for their gifts and talents or seen for who they REALLY are.”

If this is your story, you may have concluded that you’re not confident enough, that you need to get much better at XYZ, or you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that people like you just can’t seem to break through the glass ceiling no matter how good you get.

And yet, as a group, introverts are more likely to have exceptional intelligence. According to some research, 75% of people with an IQ above 160 are introverts.

In other words, some of the world’s most brilliant people are introverts. They excel in design, sciences, engineering and computer sciences. They make wonderful therapists, healers, writers, and intuitives.

It seems grossly unfair that introverts are, as a group, mostly languishing on the sidelines, that their gifts and talents are not being seen or valued by the people who most matter, and they are not getting paid what they’re worth.

You need your “space” which often means a certain amount of time alone

Discover how you can turn all this on its head and find true freedom as an introvert

What people have said on discovering that they were a gifted introvert

In one fell swoop you have discovered me. I do feel I fit many of the descriptions of a gifted introvert. I feel relieved at this because I had thought for many years that there must be something wrong with me as I could never quite connect with people.
D.C. Administrative Consultant

I am finding the gifted introvert information quite amazing….you appear to have sussed me out very accurately and members of my family are still struggling to really understand me!!!…. It has been so validating to realise I am not the only one who struggles to fit in the world. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights… I am looking forward to working with you and hope to find a better way to take my life forward.

I just want to thank you for the information about gifted introverts you’ve shared with me. I’m more relaxed now that I have begun to understand myself more. I’m an artist and that I struggle to express myself verbally because I’m an extremely a shy person. I want to break this habit so I can be more confident.
A.V. (Artist)

gifted introvert test
Jimmy Carter, a famous gifted introvert

How to make the best of being an introvert

STEP 1 Buy my book From Wallflower to Sunflower and learn how to break out of your shell and build a natural self-confidence, the fast, fun and easier way

STEP 2 Join one of my Confidence Courses –  will put you on the pathway to finding true freedom as an introvert and help you to make the best use of your gifts as an introvert so as to maximise your opportunities.

See my calendar of events. I look forward to supporting you in claiming the positive aspects of being an introvert and making it work for you.

Or check out How to Get Started.

How to enjoy being in the spotlight, particularly if you are an introvert – Article on how an introvert can become more comfortable in the spotlight and be seen, valued and recognised for their exceptional gifts.

The Curse of Being InvisibleArticle on how to be seen and heard without having to scream and shout about it

Living life out loud – Article on how to overcome fear and move out of our comfort zone – the last thing an introvert wants to do!

gifted introvert test
It’s amazing how poorly understood we are as introverts, even sometimes by ourselves

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