How to overcome self-consciousness?

How to overcome self-consciousness?


It is wretched feeling self-conscious. I know because I felt like that myself for many years.

Many people experience Social Anxiety, and it is usually fuelled by self-consciousness.

It is that experience of feeling that the world is pointing a very powerful camera at you and noticing everything you say and do.

There is an ongoing commentary going on in your head about what that camera is saying and thinking about you – and it feels very real.

Even though there may be no evidence out there in the world that other people are saying and thinking these things, there is a part of you, your Critical Voice, that absolutely believes that this is happening. 

And your Critical Voice will go to extraordinary lengths to protect you from exposure and ridicule.

It does this by keeping you in a “straight-jacket” and drawing very strict lines around what it has decided is OK-behaviour and what is not-OK-behaviour.

Whenever you cross the line into what it conceives as NOT OK – then you will experience acute self-consciousness.

This may take the form of blushing, embarrassment, sweating or other unsettling symptoms – which will draw even more attention to your self-consciousness.

How do you stop feeling self-conscious?

So how do you stop feeling self-conscious when every cell in your body is wired up to being self-conscious?

It can be achieved much easier than you think.

I did it, and I did it through drama. Something that in reality, was going to make me feel exceedingly self-conscious. 

It was uncomfortable, to begin with, I admit. However, when I went through that barrier, it opened something up in me

I didn’t experience exposure and ridicule or any of the things that my Critical Voice told me was going to happen. So I began to relax.

After a while, I started feeling an awful lot less self-conscious. By persisting on this path, my self-consciousness completely went away.

My self-consciousness completely disappeared

Without this self-consciousness, I was free to be myself, and my confidence began to grow.

As a result, I have achieved things that would simply been impossible if I hadn’t put my shyness and self-consciousness right behind me.

Learn more about my story.

It was this experience that inspired me to start up Making Moves – and to develop the Sunflower Effect Courses®.

I put together all I had learned in a format that would enable people to break through self-consciousness. And would save them a lot of the hard learning experiences that I went through.

I can show you how to break out of your shell effortlessly and easily. How to resolve issues that have been undermining your well-being for years. At the same time, you will be having an enormous amount of fun.

Because the fact is that when you move from self-consciousness to self-awareness, you have a very powerful tool that will serve you for many years to come.

It will enable you to break through almost any obstacle in your path.

Claire Schrader

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