How to build lasting confidence through the Sunflower Effect?

How to build lasting confidence through the Sunflower Effect?

Want to know how to build lasting confidence? This page explains how The Sunflower Effect® works and why it’s so effective at building confidence in quiet, shy, reserved and introverted people.

The reason the Sunflower Effect® confidence courses are so effective is that they combine these four elements:

  • Safety
  • Self-expression
  • Fun and laughter
  • The transformation of unconscious blocks


The Sunflower Effect® provides a very safe space for you to come out of your shell – no matter how inhibited you believe yourself to be.

As many of my participants have discovered, what makes the difference is being with a group of people you can really trust. They won’t judge you, or criticise you, and they will be 100% in support of you breaking out of your shell. This helps to counteract the effects of having your confidence undermined in the past.

The Sunflower Effect Courses® provide an informal, relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere that will quickly put you at your ease, and free you of the internal pressures that normally inhibit you from expressing yourself.  Too much stretch, and you will clam up. As you know only too well.

The Sunflower Effect® works with an adapted form of drama because this is the most effective way of achieving the right level of stretch. But this is very different from the kind of drama that you might have experienced at a drama class.

It has, too been combined with some of the most effective personal development tools that will enable you to make a profound shift in the way you express yourself in your life.

Self Expression

There are few outlets for self-expression in our world. And in the course of withdrawing into your shell, you will have repressed many things. As a result, you will have shut down many parts of yourself. This will have a knock-on effect of shutting down aspects of your power. It may show up as lowered confidence, poor self-esteem, depression, health issues and feeling stuck.

The Sunflower Effect® provides a healthy outlet for this emotion through experiential exercises in which you will have an opportunity to play out powerful dramatic characters from ancient myths and well-known stories.

This will enable you to shift out of habitual behaviours and discover many hidden and unexpressed aspects of yourself.  Gradually over time, the walls that have kept you locked away will simply melt away.

Fun and laughter

Fun and laughter are a very important part of the process. You will have an opportunity to discover the innocence and freedom of being a child at play (even if this sounds very challenging for you). This is particularly important if you are someone who gets caught up in the serious things of life or doesn’t even think that you can play.

Play, too, can shift energy and debilitating emotional states very quickly. One participant described it as “profound play”.  It is light-hearted and yet also deeply meaningful, revealing important insights and discoveries.

How to be more confident

Getting to the source of unconscious blocks

But the real beauty of this approach is that it works directly with the unconscious patterns deeply buried within you. This is what makes the Sunflower Effect® distinctive and sets it apart from other approaches. It is these unconscious patterns that have kept you stuck, locked away in your shell, or unable to change however much you want to.

The Sunflower Effect® works through the language the unconscious operates in, story. It is the language too of your dreams, enabling you to shift these patterns at a very deep level.

In enacting these carefully chosen stories, you will be able to bring about transformation to buried aspects of yourself through engaging with innocent play – without realising what’s actually happening.

It is as powerfully therapeutic and transforming as any therapy without the need to delve into painful past experiences. And at the same time, it is very liberating and great fun.

how to be more confident

Our mission

The Sunflower Effect Courses empower quiet, shy and introverted people to create the life they want through uncovering and expressing their unique and authentic selves. See The Sunflower Manifesto

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