What should I wear to your courses?

What should I wear to your courses?

Please bring with you or wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. And an extra jumper in colder weather (be prepared for different temperatures). You can change at the venue.

Removing shoes can enable you to be more responsive and instinctive and therefore connect with your natural confidence.   Wearing shoes has a tendency to keep us in our heads and harder to connect with our true nature – which lives in a much deeper place within us. It also helps us to feel grounded – and this is an important part of the process. 

However, this is entirely your choice. We do not make you remove your shoes. Most of the venues aren’t carpeted, and in colder weather, we don’t want you to have cold feet. Alternatively, you may want to bring some light shoes or thick socks with you.

And some venues we use may request that shoes are removed (and these are usually carpeted).

However, people have participated in all kinds of footwear. Very heavy footwear is going to limit your movement and make it hard for you to feel free. And high-heeled shoes/boots will definitely make it very hard for you to move freely.

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