Which course is right for me?

Which course is right for me?

The Sunflower Effect Courses® have been transforming the lives of quiet, shy, and introverted people with confidence issues since 1997.

Everyone is individual and has slightly different needs. Therefore, I provide a wide range of courses for different levels of experience so you can progress at your own pace and in your own way.

Most are twelve-week courses. This is where the most significant change can take place through the magical effects of The Sunflower Effect®.

You will learn, too, why it’s so different from other confidence-building methods.

Take a look at these three problem areas and identify which one is strongest for you.

Take a look at the information in that section and see if the course that is recommended fits your situation and needs.

Or for a quick answer

If you are shy, self-conscious or anxious, then it is best to start with either the Breakthrough course or the Express Yourself Workshop and then progress through to the other courses.

If being the centre of attention is your nightmare, particularly when speaking in front of groups, then the Finding Your Voice Course will enable you to overcome this issue.

Or if you struggle in social situations, then the “I Don’t Know What to Say” course is unique in its ability to enable verbal fluidity and develop social confidence.

Attending the Introductory Evening will give you a good idea of what it’s like to participate and can help you to work out which is the better course for you.

If you are really not sure, then you can set up a time to speak to me about your situation.

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