Why am I not receiving your newsletter?

Why am I not receiving your newsletter?

There may be several reasons why you’re not receiving the newsletter.

  • You didn’t complete the signup process
  • The email that was sent to you to complete your subscription went into your spam
  • You unsubscribed by accident

Useful things to know

In order to comply with Data Protection and the anti-spam laws, I need to make sure that you are a genuine person and not a spam robot. So I use a permission-based newsletter service that requires you to CLICK A LINK in an email that was sent to you.  This is called a double opt-in.

The first opt-in is when you sign up through the form on my website. The second opt-in is when you click a link in an email sent to you by my newsletter service.

If you do not click the link, you will not receive the newsletter, bonuses or e-book.

STEP 1 If you didn’t click the link

Look in your email inbox to see if you received the email from me (Claire Schrader or Making Moves or the Sunflower Effect) asking you to click a link. If you find it, click the link, and you should immediately receive a SECOND email from me (your first newsletter) thanking you for signing up. This means you have successfully subscribed. Some email servers may take a little longer for these emails to show up in your inbox.

STEP 2 Check your spam

Email services are getting more and more efficient at sending emails into spam. To prevent this, immediately add the email address of the newsletter into your address book, i.e. claire at sunflowereffect dot com. This will send a message to your email service that you want to hear from me. You can then be more sure of receiving the newsletter in your inbox

Then search for either Claire Schrader or the Sunflower Effect or my email address, in your spam or junk. If it’s there, drag the newsletter into your inbox so you are more likely to see the newsletter in your inbox. You may need to do this several times before your email service responds.

If you don’t open a newsletter for a while, it is also a good idea to search in your spam, as your email service may assume you’re not interested in seeing the newsletter.

Step 3 Not in your inbox or spam and still not receiving the newsletter

The first question to ask you, did you ever receive the newsletter?

If you did, it’s possible that by mistake, you unsubscribed. In which case, you will need to re-subscribe. If you have unsubscribed, we cannot add you to the newsletter manually. The newsletter service will block us from adding you. Do let us know if there is a problem with that.

STEP 4 You’ve changed your email address

Unfortunately, our email service does not let you or us update your email address. You will just need to re-subscribe with your new email address. But let us know you’re no longer using your old email and we’ll delete it on our system

Step 5 Tried all these things and still not getting the newsletter

Get in touch with us. Tell us what you’ve done and what emails you’ve used. And we will see if you are in our system.

I hope this helps to resolve any difficulties you were having. But please let us know below if you’re having any problems, and we’ll do our best to sort it out.

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