Applying for the 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am really sorry to hear that the course/workshop has not worked for you. I want you to get results so you can move forward and start achieving the things you want to in your life.

My courses have a very high success rate, way beyond that of similar courses of its kind, so it is very unusual for a participant to have gained nothing at all from the process.

Everyone is different and has different ways of growing and shifting and I cannot guarantee you will achieve the results you are seeking straight away – particularly if you’ve had a lot of painful experiences that have undermined your confidence or have been deeply in your shell for a very long time. Be aware that as a human you are a complex being.

Often by participating in a follow up course or attending an individual session will enable you to move through the internal blockages and you will then see significant shifts. Participants normally make twice or three times the progress in their second course.

Sometimes the reason you haven’t made progress, is that you have done the wrong course, and that one of my other courses will achieve the results you are seeking. You will be setting up a conversation to discuss the reason why the course hasn’t worked for you.

Therefore if as a result of our conversation, I feel that another course would have been better for you  –  I will offer you the alternative course free of charge because I want you to get results.

If you do not get any benefit from the second course and fulfill the requirements for the Money Back Guarantee, then I will refund 100% of your money for the first course.

Often it’s not that you haven’t made progress, it’s just that the blockage is a lot stronger…

The most usual cause of why the course hasn’t worked for you, is an internal blockage that is stopping you from making the progress that you were hoping for.

Everyone is different and sometime the process unearths deeper blockages. Often it’s not that you haven’t made progress, it’s just that the blockage is a lot stronger.

If you made bits of progress during the course and then slipped back then it is often the case that a deeper block has surfaced. In some case the problem can get a lot worse.

It can be very frustrating when this happens.  It is natural that when you see others on your course making bigger progress,  you compare your progress to theirs, and feel that the course has failed or in some way you are lacking. This is all part of the way in which the critical voice is running you, which is partly what the course or workshop is seeking to help you to diffuse.

The Critical Voice is called the Cop in the Head by Augusto Boal – it is not easy to get overcome the negative effects of the “Cop”.

I spent many years in the place of making very little or no progress – having spent a lot of money on courses and feeling that I hadn’t got anything out of them. It wasn’t that I was failing to make progress. It was just that my progress was VERY SLOW, and that deeper blocks had surfaced.

When I got through the blocks, I started making significant progress.

To understand more about this process see this article and scroll down to the part of the article that talk about the “Secret Agent”, your internal defence mechanisms,  and how they can hinder you from making progress:  The real reason why you hide away

We all have within us a part, that is like a Secret Agent, that is trying to stop you from making progress.

However there are a few rare cases  in which participants, for some reason, are not receptive to the process.  In which case,  I will happily refund what you paid for the course, so you can seek another course that will. Your answers to the questions on the refund form below, plus our telephone consultation will establish this.

If you paid through our online booking process, I will refund to the card that you paid us with or by electronic transfer. If you paid by ET, you will need to send me your bank details.

However you do need to have fulfilled the requirements for the refund:

  • In the case of 12 week courses, you must have attended 10 out of the 12 sessions of any course.
  • If you are participating in a workshop or weekend course – you need to attend the full workshop – and not be more more than 15 minutes late at the start of each day and from a lunch-break – as you may have missed valuable information/exercises that will not be repeated.
  • Participate fully in the sessions. This mean that you’ve put your best foot forward: that you visibly “did your best” and engaged fully in the process  This doesn’t mean that you won’t have had resistance, or won’t have had challenges to overcome. I do not refund money to people who do not demonstrate their commitment to the course or workshop. However in most cases, I give you the benefit of the doubt, because I know there may be some circumstances when commitment is not easy.
  • I also ask you to wait 6 weeks after a group, course or workshop has finished before you apply for your refund, because it can take a little while for the shifts to take place. Results are sometimes instantaneous but for many people it can take a little while for you to process the changes.

These are published in our terms and conditions. If you do not fulfill these requirements, we are not able to offer you a refund.

However, I may be able to offer some other kind of compensation – so I suggest you fill in the form on our course feedback page. Tell us as much as you can about why you think the course hasn’t worked for you, and when you have done so, set up a telephone consultation so we can discuss your experience.

The Refund Process

So long as you fulfill the requirements above, please fill out the form below in which you will identify what you were seeking to achieve though the course/workshop and why it didn’t work for you.

Following this please set up a telephone consultation so we can further discuss your experience and why the course/workshop didn’t work for you.

Applying for the 100% Moneyback Guarantee

Please fill in this form to the best of your ability. The set up a telephone consultation with Claire to discuss your refund.
  • Tell me as much about this as possible. Has anything happened recently that has caused you to beleive that the course hasn't worked for you, or has motivated you to seek a refund?
  • Were you able to move through the difficulty or do you still feel you never really overcame that difficulty? Do you have any sense of what would have helped you overcome your difficulties?
  • Please tell me as much about this course/workshop and why you think it will be better.
  • Please let us know any feedback you have for the facilitator?
  • Do you have any sense of what might have helped?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Thanks for filling in this form.

Please now set up a telephone consultation.

I look forward to speaking to you.


From: Claire Schrader


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In response to the Covid 19 pandemic, dependent on whether government guidelines allow us to meet in person, regular courses will run either as a Live course starting Mid-May/Early June (times and duration may change) or will be deferred till September.

I plan to start offering a selection of Livestream courses from mid May onwards so that people in all geographical locations can attend

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