Published Articles in Magazines

You will find here a selection of published magazine  articles and features about Claire Schrader’s approach to building confidence. Some have been written many years ago and so reflect the evolution of her approach.

Article: Self Confidence for Women

Published in Marie-Claire Malaysia Hold your Head up High Self-confidence for women. Why are some women are not as confident as others? By Pamela Victor Let your inner beauty shine through by upping your game with oozing confidence and sublime self-esteem to show the world your true worth.

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Article: Express Yourself – overcoming shyness through drama

Published in London and South East Connection Overcoming shyness through drama I know what it feels like to wish the ground to open and swallow me up. I spent the first part of my life being shy.

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Article: How to free yourself of self consciousness

Published in Kindred Spirit Magazine How to liberate yourself from self consciousness through drama Story is a powerful way of facilitating understanding of our deeper impulses.

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Article: how to improve emotional health through drama

Published in Positive Health Magazine Release your repressed emotions through drama for emotional health and well-being The therapeutic benefits of theatre are as old as history itself.

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Article: Brief Encounter – transforming creative blocks

Published article in Counselling News Exploring the process of working “briefly” (a series of 6-10 sessions) with two individual clients who were experiencing creative blocks – enabling them to heal and resolve the deep seated issues that were hampering their creative output.

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Article: How to Be More Creative

Published in Alternative Health Magazine Creativity at one time was a province of a few special gifted and often privileged individuals. But now we are told we all are creative – or at least have the potential to be creative. We all have the same seeds of creativity that these “greats” have.

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Article: Relationship problems: I married a monster

Published in Open Exchange Magazine, San Francisco How to know if “monsters” are playing havoc in your relationships? Are you fighting with your partner or are the two of you pulling in different directions?

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Article: Womb Twin Survivor: Althea Hayton

 Published in In Balance Magazine May/June 2003 and republished 2011   Althea Hayton, womb twin survivor’s moving account of how she healed her relationship with her lost womb-twin which lead to her discovering her life work.

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