Introductory Evening – beginners confidence building

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beginners confidence buildingBeginners confidence building 

Quiet, reserved, shy or self-conscious? Have you been told or know that you need to be more confident? Want to try before you buy?

In this introductory evening, you will be discovering the keys to an authentic self-confidence through a magical process – the Sunflower Effect that I developed over a 20 year period.

It based is based on my experience of being a shy introvert, and what really worked in getting me out of my shell – so I could achieve things in my personal and professional life she never would have thought possible.

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The Sunflower Effect uses an adapted form of drama combined with the most effective personal development tools. My confidence buildings classes and courses have worked for countless people with confidence issues – even those who doubted that anything would ever work for them. See their stories.

This introductory evening is designed for you:

  • If you’ve tried lots of different things to build confidence but none of them have really worked 
  • You’ve given up hope that you’ll ever build the kind of confidence that you seek
  • If the thought of doing anything involving drama fills you with terror, or you’ve had bad experiences with drama in the past
  • If you find the spotlight hard,  or you would describe yourself as shy, self-conscious, socially anxious or introverted 
  • You’re interested in, or already signed up for one of Claire’s confidence courses and you want to be sure it’s right for youbeginners confidence building

The evening provides a very safe place for you to gently stretch out of your comfort zone with people who feel in the same boat as you.

It will also be an opportunity to release some of the blocks to your confidence and discover how to exude the kind of magic and passion for life that automatically draws positive experiences to you.

“Confidence is one of the keys to achieving what you want in life. People are naturally attracted to confident people and even more so to those who exude a magic and a passion for life.”

I create an informal, relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere that will quickly put you at your ease, and free you of the internal pressures that normally inhibit you from expressing yourself.

See this video from a Facebook Live I did a little while back. It will give you an idea of what to expect.

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See below for the many questions that people have asked about the evening.

The evening will serve as an introduction to participating in the Making Moves confidence buildings classes and courses. The evening on its own may not be the answer to all your problems, since building confidence is a complex process.  But you may be surprised at what you are able to achieve in just one evening.

Many people go on afterwards to join either:

All of these courses are aimed at beginners.

What participants have said about the evening

The next week I got my dream job
I was recommended by my friend (who had a significant breakthrough as a result of going to Making Moves Courses) to go to the Express Yourself Introductory Evening.  He was so shy and reserved at university and was now super confident with a flashy job and had even moved out of his parents’ home! I had to try whatever was working for him.

During the session, I took the plunge and let go of my inhibitions. I never really knew what confidence meant, but doing human sculptures really helped make this notion tangible. I also thought being confident was an outer manifestation like in Pygmalion or in Pretty Woman where Julia Roberts wears the right outfits and fits the bill. Claire helped me to activate my inner self and BE CONFIDENT!! I was King Arthur and Merlin and Queen Boudica and embodying these characters felt amazing. I emerged from the session feeling really great and that had really achieved something.

The next week I was at a job interview with a corporate law firm and I felt so confident – and I was amazed I got my dream job!! I also went on to do some 1-1 sessions with Claire and improvisation workshops to follow up the good work.

Zahra Kaya, lawyer

Feeling brave after attending
I just wanted to say a big thank you for organising the Intro Evening last night. I had a really great time and felt so much better when I left. I was excited and energised – in fact I was feeling so brave I attended a drama class today! I’ve been trying to pluck up the courage to attend this drama class for around 3 years but never quite made it, but today I went and it was brilliant! Without your class, I would never have been able to do this so thanks to you.  I’m really looking forward to starting the full Breakthrough course in September. I can’t wait!!

Suzie Baddley, legal secretary

Came in feeling nervous, left feeling confident
The taster session yesterday was great! I came in feeling nervous and left feeling confident. Also, it was a great opportunity to network with others. The session helped to increase my confidence. I’ve since had a great week and not felt like this for ages. I’ve even been stressed from work and a lack of sleep but I still feel confident. Also my voice better. I’m more relaxed and calm.

Ram, IT professional


May 2023

Date:  May 2nd, 2023
Times: 7:30 – 9:30 PM
Led by: Claire Schrader
Venue: Magdalen Centre, Eversholt St, Somers Town, London NW1 1BN
Tube: Euston/Mornington Crescent
Cost: £22 

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Next Introductory Evenings on July and September 2023 TBA.

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Not sure about booking?

It is very natural to have concerns, particularly if you’ve just discovered this website, haven’t yet met me or experienced any other event.

This may be because you want to know more about what’s entailed (see how it works)  or have more questions or you’re wondering who gets the most out of it.

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Questions about the Introductory Evening

Here are a few questions that people have asked and my answers – which may be helpful to you

Q. In the past I’ve attended acting courses. I was able to participate but found the attention somewhat overwhelming. I would like to strengthen the ability to hold my own in that kind of situation. How will this introductory evening differ?

A. This is firstly not an acting class. I totally understand how overwhelming this can feel particularly if you’re the kind of person who hates the spotlight.

This session is designed for people who find the spotlight hard and is a very safe place for you to gently stretch out of your comfort zone with people who feel in the same boat as you.

It is a completely different atmosphere to that of an acting class, and after my courses, many people discover they have considerable talent and go on to do acting classes without any difficulty.

beginners confidence building

Q. What will the evening consist of?

There is a classic format to all my events. We start seated in a circle where we do relaxation exercises, then you’ll have an opportunity to introduce yourself so you can get to know everyone.

This is followed by a series of exercises in which you will learn how to connect with your intuition and to discover how your creative brain works. Towards the end of the session, you will be working in a group in which we will be exploring a story – and there will be many opportunities throughout the evening to reflect on your experiences.

Q. The pictures of people on your website ring an alarm bell for me that I would look stupid and embarrassed if I came along. Then I would feel even worse – which is what I’m trying to avoid.

A. Thanks for voicing your concern. I TOTALLY  understand. What you discuss is exactly what the session is about – freeing yourself from the self-consciousness and embarrassment and being out of your comfort zone. Who would want to expose themselves to feeling like that?

So here’s a few things that might reassure you.

No 1. You don’t have to dress up. It’s optional. Most people do because it’s actually easier – you leave behind yourself and all that self-consciousness.

No 2. Whilst you may feel self-conscious, at times this is a very safe place for you to make a breakthrough in this area but dressing up does not need to be part of it. You can breakthrough without going near the dressing up box.

If you can move from A to B then you can participate. It’s also not about conforming to some outside expectation it’s about finding a way of expressing yourself in your own way, and you may find yourself spontaneously doing this!

Q. What is the general average age of the participants in your courses?

A. It is hard to say an average age – because I don’t ask people their age – but I have had people

Q. What if I can’t attend?

A. Please let us know if you are unable to attend the evening or you wish to transfer to another evening. Respond to the confirmation email we will be sending you.  We don’t give refunds for this evening unless you give us at least 7 days notice. We only have limited spaces on this evening and we often have a waiting list of people who want to attend.

For cancellations less than 7 days, however we may be able to transfer your fee to a future evening so long as you give us enough notice and we are able to fill your place. We bend over backwards to arrange this and we will confirm with you if we are able to do this – and will inform you of the dates of the next evening.