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You will have been sent to this page if you are in the process of making a booking for one of our courses (we will have sent you a booking email and asked you to fill in this form); or you are paying by online instalments; or as your first step in booking a course (we will be in touch you when we receive your form – if you don’t hear back from us please get in contact).

It is really useful to read through the information below this form.

Booking Form

If you are new to my courses and haven't yet told me much about yourself, please give me as much detail as possible. These notes will enable me support you better through the course you've booked, as well as complying with GDPR. Anything you tell me here is strictly confidential. Please note you need to fill in the boxes with a * or the form will not submit.
  • i.e. by instalments; electronic transfer, cheque etc. (If you have already made payment please tell us the date of transaction)
  • Please tell us if you need any more information related to your booking, have a question etc. If you are booking for someone else, please let us know any special instructions. It is really good to have both of your email addresses and contact numbers for our records.


Money Back

Quite understandably if you are new to this approach, you don’t want to commit yourself to something that might turn out to be a waste of time and money. This is why we offer new participants a 60 DAY money back guarantee, because we know how powerful the course is. If you attend 10 out of 12 sessions and participate fully and have gained nothing from the experience then we will refund your money.

NOTE: Because building confidence is a complex process, and everyone’s process is different we usually ask you to wait at least 6 weeks before you apply for the refund.  Simply contact us and we’ll be back in touch with you.

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Please note that commitment to the process is essential in order for the group to be effective for you and all the others in the group. This is one of the primary building blocks of confidence.

Claire has seen fantastic results with the people who are fully committed and willing to give themselves totally to the course with everything they’ve got.

This may be challenging for you particularly if you have experienced a lot of setbacks in the past or that you find commitment difficult.  Claire will do everything to support you in making this significant shift in your communication, however, it is essential that you fully engage yourself and stick with it! You will receive support through the course to practice commitment and to break these old habits,  so that more confident behaviour can emerge.

The course is limited to a certain number of people to ensure that Claire can focus intimately on your needs. We want to make sure the right people are on the course and that the course is right for you.

It is important that you are aware that when you commit to the group, you commit to completing the course and paying for all the sessions (even if you decide to leave the course).  It is fine to miss a couple of sessions: however, all missed sessions must be paid for.


If you have any doubts about your suitability to the course, or for any questions about the course content you can either:

Set up a 15 minute phone consultation to discuss your situation with Claire:

Book a telephone consultation with Claire

Or  you can contact Jane

“I’ve done nearly all of Claire’s courses and it all started with Breakthrough. During that first twelve week course my confidence soared and my social anxiety plummeted. Thanks to Breakthrough I was actually able to have a life rather than the living death I felt having suffered from depression all my life. So if you have any questions please email at this address contact Jane. or call me on 07584 045539. I usually answer but please leave a message and I will call you back as soon as I can.” Jane

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 11.14.43TERMS AND CONDITIONS
For further detailed information please read through our Terms and Conditions prior to booking on the course.

Please be sure you fully understand their meaning because once you book on the course, we will assume you are in agreement with these terms and conditions. If you have any questions, please contact Claire or Jane.

Please note no refund will be made if for whatever reason you cancel after the course has begun.

In the event of cancellation after paying in full, a refund of the balance (less the non-refundable deposit) will be made provided that notice of 14 days is given before the course begins,

If we are able to fill your place (which is usually possible) you may be able to transfer your payment to a future course. See our Terms and Conditions for our full cancellation policy.

Many thanks for your booking and we look forward to seeing you on the course.