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If you’ve got this far, I would suggest either you are ready for Breakthrough or Breakthrough is calling to you in some way. But there is something also that is holding you back from booking your place. This may be because you’re not sure quite what’s entailed and you don’t want to commit yourself to something that might turn out to be a waste of time and money. I totally understand. Money BackThis is why I offer the NO MOVES money-back guarantee because I know how effective the Sunflower Effect is. If you attend 10 out of the 12 sessions (for the 12-week Breakthrough course) and participate fully in the sessions and you have gained nothing from the experience, then I will refund you money in total. See more details about the Money Back Guarantee. See how it works for a more detailed description of how the group (and my other groups and workshops) work.

Perhaps you are feeling completely stuck?

Maybe you’ve been in counselling or therapy or other kinds of group therapy and not got anywhere, and you don’t want to repeat that experience. There are many people who take part in the Breakthrough Group (and my other courses) who have had this experience and are amazed at how very different the course is and how quickly they get unstuck. This is because the solution is not to be found in your head.

Stuck in the Belly of the Whale by Annie Lucas

If you’re stuck, you need to move. Stuckness is the result of not moving, of becoming stagnant. If it is unfamiliar to you to move play or create, it will feel uncomfortable at first, but persist and this could be a breakthrough in its own right. Hard as it is to believe that whilst having fun, you can shift major patterns, but it’s true. Also, the process is not therapy but personal growth work. We won’t be dwelling on problems, we’ll be taking action and that creates a very different atmosphere and mindset.

Perhaps you’re wondering what sort of people do it?

  • Most people who come into a Breakthrough Group come because they just want to have more fun in life, or to improve their confidence and set themselves free from shyness and self consciousness.
  • Others become because they want to improve their career prospects, and because they feel they are being held back in theirs jobs because of reticence, shyness or feeling inhibited.
  • Some feel that they are on a path of self-improvement or personal development.
  • Some don’t relate to the content at all – but just find the activity of the group, fun, enjoyable and very beneficial.

All I can say is that there is a wonderfully motivated and supportive group of people who are drawn to these courses,  so if you know life is about more than materialistic values, you will find yourself in good company, with people who go on to become close friends. See who it’s for for more information on the kind of people that participate.

Perhaps you’re wondering if you need to have drama experience?

No, you don’t. Most people have little or no experience of drama. They are the “I could never do anything like that – because it will be full of drama types who love to show off” kind of people. Fortunately, this kind of work does not attract the show-off drama types. Because it’s about what you experience when doing the drama and that focus puts you much more in touch with what really matters to you in your life. During the course, you will be learning how to get out of you head, and to stop caring about what other people are thinking about you – with other people who have the same concerns as you.  This produces a very safe atmosphere to take risks. After a while, you might even discover you’re having great fun. The funny thing is that when you stop being so focused on results, you may be surprised at what hidden talents you have locked inside you. See Do I need to have any drama experience Have further questions?  See these frequently asked questions. Or, see what other participants have said about the process: If you haven’t already, as a first  step, I suggest you subscribe to the Free Chapters from my book : From Wallflower to Sunflower which will give you more of an idea of how Breakthrough works. It will also subscribe you to my regular newsletter with articles of interest  as well as details of upcoming events (mostly in London).


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