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Got a problem with confidence and want an instant solution?

Got a problem with confidence and want an instant solution?

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Some have been published in magazines including Marie-Claire (Malaysia), Positive Health, Kindred Spirit and Counselling News

I LOVE your article, Claire! I’m starting to get it why drama is good for you, though my first block would be overcoming my crippling stage fright! Your article is well-written and makes so much sense…..I had wondered why so many comedians suffered from depression!
S.W. (Artist)

Hi Claire, Just writing to say thank you so much for all your articles,they always manage to make me feel better as sometimes in this world there is little I can relate to and these newsletters have a voice I completely identify with. Thanks.
T. V. (Student)

Dear Claire…How do i really share or elaborate the worded response – ‘awesome’ – that escaped my mouth, as I read this? How do I really tell you what the word ‘awesome’ springs from? How does one describe this ‘physicality’ that you so wonderfully talk about? I was thinking these thoughts as I thought of how to tell you how touched I was…. And it seemed so important to me that I share that… I felt like a Christmas tree that was all ablaze with bright lights. Not light-bulbs, but more like intensely bright flash-bulbs popping here and there constantly… Your article lighted me up… like a Christmas tree that was dynamically lighted. Thank you(only the tone of the voice would convey what lies within and beneath this word).
B.S. (I.T. Consultant)

Dear Claire….I do enjoy your pieces – they have a great combination of wit and wisdom……
S.S. (Counselor)

I have to say I love the way you write and find it very meaningful and helpful….
C.M (Project Manager)

Claire….you are just one word….Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Your writing is one of the first to really get to the core of my problem and solve it. Really, thank you from the depths of my heart. Khadijah 
See https://www.makingmoves.net/introvert-performance-anxiety/#comment-65

Why you need to get out of your head?

 How to overcome the inner critic and stop the “cop in the head” from getting the better of you Augusto Boal coined the phrase Cop in the Head Are the cops in your head getting the better of you? By ” cops in the head” I…

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Free Meditation: Shining Your Light

Free Meditation Shining your light It was my great pleasure to be chosen to create a meditation as one of the Twelve Days of Christmas Meditations that John Levine offered to his clients – over the Twelve Days of Christmas 2012-13. For 12 days John released…

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Feel the Fear

How to overcome fear for introverts Fear is powerful. The fact that fear is not real in most cases, makes it no less powerful. Fear can grip you around the heart, paralyse you, run you into the ground and make all action impossible. Most of the…

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How to live your life as a daring adventure

How to follow your deepest calling and live your life as a magical adventure If you’ve ever heard the quote by Helen Keller…. “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing” …..you may be forgiven for feeling daunted. Maybe that’s because you’re standing on the threshold…

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The Courage to Speak Up

How to find the courage to speak up. Especially if you have a tendency to keep quiet. Have you ever said? “It’s wrong! Someone should say something about it. Everyone can see it’s pure madness!” And your friend turns to you and says, “Maybe you should…

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Is living in your head doing you any good?

Or what they should have taught you at school “As I grew up everything started getting grey and dull. I could still remember the amazing intensity of the world I’d lived in as a child, but I thought the dulling of perception, was an inevitable consequence…

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True Confidence

 What Gifts Lie Hidden Within? An Inspiring Story It takes a lot of courage to go on stage. I remember the first time I did, I was frozen with fear. But what did it take for this Korean boy to go on national television and perform…

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