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Got a problem with confidence and want an instant solution?

Got a problem with confidence and want an instant solution?

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Some have been published in magazines including Marie-Claire (Malaysia), Positive Health, Kindred Spirit and Counselling News

I LOVE your article, Claire! I’m starting to get it why drama is good for you, though my first block would be overcoming my crippling stage fright! Your article is well-written and makes so much sense…..I had wondered why so many comedians suffered from depression!
S.W. (Artist)

Hi Claire, Just writing to say thank you so much for all your articles,they always manage to make me feel better as sometimes in this world there is little I can relate to and these newsletters have a voice I completely identify with. Thanks.
T. V. (Student)

Dear Claire…How do i really share or elaborate the worded response – ‘awesome’ – that escaped my mouth, as I read this? How do I really tell you what the word ‘awesome’ springs from? How does one describe this ‘physicality’ that you so wonderfully talk about? I was thinking these thoughts as I thought of how to tell you how touched I was…. And it seemed so important to me that I share that… I felt like a Christmas tree that was all ablaze with bright lights. Not light-bulbs, but more like intensely bright flash-bulbs popping here and there constantly… Your article lighted me up… like a Christmas tree that was dynamically lighted. Thank you(only the tone of the voice would convey what lies within and beneath this word).
B.S. (I.T. Consultant)

Dear Claire….I do enjoy your pieces – they have a great combination of wit and wisdom……
S.S. (Counselor)

I have to say I love the way you write and find it very meaningful and helpful….
C.M (Project Manager)

Claire….you are just one word….Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Your writing is one of the first to really get to the core of my problem and solve it. Really, thank you from the depths of my heart. Khadijah 
See https://www.makingmoves.net/introvert-performance-anxiety/#comment-65

Overcome your fear of promoting yourself

And claim the success that’s rightfully yours Fear of Self-Promotion You’ve got an enormous amount of talent. Everyone tells you how gifted you are. You’ve got numerous qualifications/letters after your name.  You’ve trained in something dear to your heart – but you’re not doing anything with…

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The Curse of Emotions

Overcoming negative emotions You were feeling great… and then you get an email or your partner/boss/friend says something that really upsets you.  And suddenly you’re on fire! You feel full of justified rage. Even if you know the thing that has upset you is rather trivial,…

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Living life out loud

Overcoming fear What Would It Be Like If You Were Living Your Life Out Loud? What would you be doing? You might want to close your eyes and see what images float into your mind. Trust the first one(s) that comes. You might be singing from…

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Anger as positive power

How to express your anger in empowering ways without hurting other people When were you last angry? How did it feel? Did it feel good/powerful to express your anger? Did you feel heard/understood/released? Or did you feel embarrassed by the fact that you were so angry?…

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