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 A Sunflower Effect Assertiveness Course 
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Do you avoid conflict?

  • Because you are a people-pleaser?
  • Because you’re afraid the other person might get upset or angry?
  • Because you afraid of damaging your prospects?
  • Because there are certain people that seem to have the knack of getting the better of you?
  • Or, because your attempts to resolve the situation have previously failed?

You may have come a long way in terms of building your confidence. You may have done one or more of my courses and have seen a massive shift in how you express yourself.  

But this is the one area that you consistently struggle with.

Standing up for yourself, your values or what’s most important to you with the challenging people in your life.

You may, too, have come to the conclusion, that it’s the nasty people that get ahead

Because you see certain people getting away with things, getting their way, getting advantages over everyone else, and being rewarded for their abusive behaviour with promotions and privileges!

And someone like you just has to put up with this behaviour from them.

You probably would never want to behave the way they do. You don’t have it in you or you just couldn’t live with yourself if you behaved like that.

Confidence course on how to deal with difficult people at work and in your personal life

This is what I used to believe.

I saw these kinds of people achieving things that I couldn’t, and I gave up any hope that I could excel in this kind of way. I was a people-pleaser.

But I was fed up with them undermining me, walking all over me, taking advantage of me, manipulating me, dis-empowering me and generally dominating me.

And I was also fed up with feeling angry with myself for giving my power away to them, for avoiding failing to be assertive once again and for losing my own self-respect. It wasn’t doing anything for my confidence.

But is it really the nasty types that get ahead – in the long term?

Does being nasty, bullying, manipulating and overpowering other people really help to win friends and influence people?  In the end, I believe this kind of behaviour will eventually back-fire on most people.

Research too has revealed that when you avoid conflict,  you repress your emotions and it is proven that can have a damaging effect on your physical and mental health.

Another Way to Build Confidence and Self Respect

Much later in my life I discovered there was another way of interacting with these kinds of people that were a lot more effective – and helped to build my self-respect and confidence – and meant that these kinds of people whilst unpleasant to deal with and be around, didn’t get to dis-empower me.

It also meant that they wouldn’t even think of approaching me to do the menial tasks that no one else wanted to do. Because there was “something different” about me.

And sometimes it’s not even that they are overtly nasty. You just find it really difficult to express yourself to certain kinds of people.

This is why in 2016 I created the Stand Up for Yourself Course.

how to deal with difficult people

Stand Up For Yourself the Quiet, Confident Way

In the Stand Up for Yourself Course, you will be developing a more empowered way of expressing yourself without needing to change who you are.

You will be discovering too, that you can get much further by being straightforward and authentic.

But you do need to know how to play the game which does not need you to resort to anything underhand. But it does require you to make a shift within yourself.

This course is more powerful than most assertiveness training courses because it works through the magic of the Sunflower Effect.

And you will be growing a new part of You. And you will be transforming unconscious patterns that are making you a people-pleaser so that you can hold your own against a wide range of challenging people, at work or in your personal life.

If you’ve attended any of my courses you may have heard me talk about how important it is to find ways to release your repressed emotions in empowering ways, so you can express yourself cleanly and clearly.

Communicating with Assertiveness

  • You’ll also be discovering if there’s anything you are doing that is causing them to behave towards you in a disrespectful way.
  • You will learn powerful assertiveness exercises that will enable you to get across your message to the challenging people in your life so that they can be more open to respecting your point of view.
  • You will have the opportunity to work on an area of difficulty and break through any blocks that are perpetuating the situation.

Who is it for?

This 12-week course is aimed at people who have participated in previous Sunflower Effect courses since we will be working through a dramatic process. Therefore I prefer you to have participated in at least one of my courses or workshops before you sign up for this one.

If you haven’t yet experienced my courses or have had some experience of drama, scroll below to contact me about your individual case.

I look forward to supporting you in making a transformation in this area of your communication.

What participants have said about Stand Up For Yourself:

I signed up for “ Stand Up for Yourself” because I was confronted with a challenging situation in my personal life. I felt attacked, blamed and accused without any reason. I felt these people just did not listen to me or understand me and whatever I would do, they would keep blaming me. All my attempts to communicate in a peaceful way failed.

Claire’s course was really eye-opening. I learned so much about myself and my relation to people in all areas of my personal and professional life. It’s incredibly helpful to know what type of difficult person you’re dealing with and what really drives them, and what you can do to change your behaviour, which will, in turn, change theirs. I walked out of this course feeling empowered and much more confident.

This is not something you can learn by reading a book: Claire’s wonderful way of working with the body, the group, the energy, as well as her intuition, clarity and creativity makes this course so great. Even though I never had my ‘practised’ conversation in real life, the work in the course really shifted something and my attitude towards the situation changed. I don’t feel I’m the victim of these difficult people anymore. Thank you, Claire and all the participants.
Anna, Education Administrator

Amazing insight into the various personalities people have. Also seeing the intent that drives people’s difficult behaviour and how to deal with it has made it much easier for me to relate to such people. What I learned too is that I am also at times a difficult person. The biggest shift for me is realizing that the quality of the relationship I have with someone is my responsibility, so really I have to take ownership. I now feel bolder, more courageous and slightly less insecure facing people with authority.
Ida, Health practitioner

I signed up to the  Stand Up for Yourself course as I’ve always had trouble dealing with difficult personality types, especially at work. I have done other courses with Claire and I like the safe and comfortable atmosphere she creates. The course explored the main challenging personality types and what motivates people to behave that way. I came away understanding some of the difficult people in my life much better as well as how my own behaviour could at times come across as difficult.

I’d highly recommend this course to anyone who finds themselves replaying events with challenging people and thinking ‘I should have said this instead’. I am still using the tools I learnt in the course and I have felt a great improvement in many relationships. I’m getting better at handling difficult situations and people, asserting boundaries without feeling guilty. Most importantly I had a lot of fun and always looked forward to the session every week. 
Jennifer, teacher  V

I have done several of Claire’s courses over the last few years, starting with “Finding Your Voice”. Part of my reason for going on “Finding Your Voice” was to start feeling more confident when I deal with people that are very different to me or challenging in some way. I had a big shift in my inner confidence from that course, so when Claire ran “ Stand Up for Yourself” I was very keen to join.

It was really useful to understand the different types of difficult people, their motivations, the behaviours that they can employ, and how I react to them. Being able to think about effective ways of responding, without being “on the spot” in a real situation, and to try different approaches was extremely valuable. It has given me lots of food for thought and helped me to not feel intimidated by the overbearing people I encounter in my work. I also learned a great deal from the experiences of others on the course and the types of difficult people they encounter. And it was lots of fun! 
Mary O’Donnell, engineer

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January 2023 Course


Dates:  19th Jan – 6th April (Thursday evening – 12 sessions)
Times: 7.45pm – 9.45pm
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Tube: Camden Town
Cost:  £375 (12 sessions which can be paid in instalments) £360 if paid in full in advance

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