Emotional Freedom – express your emotions

A transformational course for emotional wellbeing
This  course will launch in September 2023

emotional baggage Do you find it difficult to express your emotions? Or do they come out all wrong when you do express them?

Perhaps you are aware that there is a volcano of unexpressed emotion locked away inside you. You get upset by the slightest thing and you take things much too much to heart. 

You’d love to feel more at peace within yourself.

The Power of Expressing your Emotions

Did you know that the ability to express your emotions will increase your happiness?  It will also enable you to come across as more authentic and it is almost guaranteed to make you more popular socially.

It’s going to make a lot of difference to how you perform at work. It will improve your relationships with friends, partners, parents and children.

However, if you are carrying a lot of unexpressed emotion, others will sense that in you, and it will have the opposite effect. They are more likely to avoid you.

Is Emotional Baggage getting in the way?

If you a resonating with this or don’t feel at peace within yourself, it is very probable that emotional baggage is getting in the way of your ability to express yourself clearly and authentically?

A sign that you have emotional baggage is when you have a lot of negative thoughts and fears that just keep on going round and round in your head.  If you’ve attended one of my other courses and find you just can’t get that negative voice to stop, then then this is a sign you have more work to do on your emotions.

You may also feel depressed, low in energy or just plain “bad” a lot of the time. And in lockdown, it may be getting worse. Perhaps you were brought up in a very strict household and it wasn’t OK to express your feelings.

Or you were punished for expressing feelings that weren’t popular with everyone else. So you’ve learned to suppress your feelings and now it’s a habit you can’t stop.

You probably at the same time are much too nice. Or, you may experience other people undermining you, treating you unfairly, or bullying you.  This is because they are picking up subconsciously on your emotional baggage. It is almost as if you are instructing them subconsciously to behave the way they do.

Or you may feel as if you are a disaster zone. The same kinds of negative things keep happening to you, through no fault of

I had loads of Emotional Baggage

This was me many years ago. I had been suppressing my emotions all my life and I literally had a force field of unexpressed emotion locked away inside me. My emotions felt like a very heavy load I was carrying around.

I was depressed, unhappy, I was always getting ill and my life felt like a huge burden. I was so used to other people undermining me that I didn’t even notice it. I couldn’t see that my life would ever change.

See this article I wrote a while back on the curse of being too nice – and how your emotional baggage can affect you.

emotional baggage
My emotions felt like a very heavy load I was carrying

That all began to change when I discovered drama.  I found it highly enjoyable expressing emotions through drama – particularly the ones I found difficult to express.

The more I was able to express emotions in a creative way, the more I was able to free myself. It felt so good expressing these unacceptable emotions. And I felt even better afterwards.

As layer and layer of suppressed emotion came off, I felt lighter and lighter. And I was amazed at how much energy I had. The negative thoughts stopped going around in my head. Depression and bad feelings became a thing of the past.

And I started to become a lot more popular socially.

And I had done this without going to a therapist. In fact, if I had, it would have taken me much. much longer to get to this place of freedom. This was when my life really began to change for the better.

Have you noticed that some people have a kind of aura that immediately draws other people to them?

Do you find yourself attracted to them, and you secretly would love to just like them?

You can have this aura too. You can develop it.

But first, you need to clear yourself of that emotional baggage. When you are holding a lot of repressed feelings inside you it is very hard to feel positive and to move forward in your life.

As much as you believe you can hide your baggage from other people, they can see it in you. But clearing it can be much easier than you would think without having to spend years in therapy going through all the painful experiences in your past.

The course will enable you to transform emotional baggage into life-giving energy through the power of the Sunflower Effect. This is why I have created the Emotional Freedom Course so you can experience this inner freedom on a day-to-day basis.

This course is designed for you if:

  • You find it really difficult to express your feelings. You find yourself feeling numb, stuck or totally inadequate when someone asks you how you feel.
  • You feel as is there’s simply a volcano of emotions boiling inside you. And if you did express them, you would simply explode. Perhaps you have exploded on a few occasions and the results were disastrous.
  • You may also find yourself feeling heavy, depressed, anxious or just plain “bad”. You might feel like you have knots in your stomach. Some people have physical pains in their stomach, which may lead to stomach problems.
  • You are afraid that people will respond negatively to you if you express your feelings?  Or that you may look foolish?
  • You have a problem expressing anger. You may have been told that you are passive-aggressive.

In the Emotional Freedom Course, we will be working with the Sunflower Effect. You will be learning how to express your emotions in a healthy way.

We will be using creative strategies to unlock unexpressed emotions so you can free yourself from their negative effects. For most people, this can feel liberating and great fun. But most importantly we will be getting to the unconscious root of the emotion that is causing you pain.

You probably won’t realise that this is happening because you will be intensely involved in the creative activity. But afterwards, you may notice you are feeling different. Most people feel lighter and freer – as if they have truly shed a part of themselves they no longer need. One man reported that he had felt more shift through one session of the Sunflower Effect than 30 years of therapy.

In the second half of the course you will have the opportunity to work with a scenario where in the past, you were unable to express your emotions. Based on what you have discovered during the first half of the course, you will be able to make different choices so that you can now express your emotions in an empowering way. You will also learn strategies of how you can communicate difficult feelings to others in a calm and effective way.

How this course is different from other approaches

Many forms of therapy focus specifically on the experiences that have caused you pain. This will stir up memories from the past and can keep you locked in the pain. It can often keep you in the trauma, shame and embarrassment of  the past instead of giving you the means to create a more positive future

The Sunflower Effect is working on your emotions in a creative way and this will feel far less personal. We will be working indirectly giving you the opportunity to access the energy that is locked away. It can actually feel really exciting and good to work with powerful emotions like anger, resentment and fear. And through this, you will be able to liberate yourself from their power over you. 

At the same time, we will be working with the unconscious blocks that are keeping you stuck in old emotional baggage. The course is limited to 10 people, so you can build up a strong level of trust with a small group of people who are 100% in support of you making a significant breakthrough. This makes the course a very safe place to explore any area where you are stuck and work on the particular issue that is holding you back.

Watch your life transform in magical and unexpected ways as old emotional baggage and patterns simply melt away.

Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee that you will clear ALL your emotional baggage. Particularly if you’ve had a lot of traumatic experiences in the past. It can take time to heal. But many participants with trauma have been surprised at what they were able to achieve through the course, which has enabled them to make positive changes in their lives that they were unable to achieve with other approaches.

What people say about Breakthrough Plus (similar to this course)

I signed up for Claire’s course as I’d become acutely aware that events in my past were really affecting my present, weighing me down and impeding my progress on all the great things I wanted to do. I’m a very positive person and happy with my choices in life but this negative and painful past was ever-present. Like dragging around a massive ball and chain. I wanted it gone but didn’t know how to get rid of it.

I hadn’t really given any thought to working with drama but if occurred to me it might help. And it did or Claire certainly did. No hocus pocus, no tantric moves, no patronising. Just time out in a simple, relaxed, honest and truthful way to look at and address the issues that are making life difficult.  

The groups are small and Claire is hugely insightful, wise, kind and brilliantly supportive. She is very very good at what she does, one of the best tutors I’ve ever worked with and I’ve worked with a lot. The results from her course are life-transforming. Sounds gushy but it’s true.
Jane Roberts, writer


Attending a course like this can seem daunting but I, along with everyone else, was made to feel at ease almost immediately and after a few hours I was as comfortable with everyone there as I am with most friends.

We all dug in very deep, with everyone eventually opening themselves in ways you won’t have done at any other time in your life. Nothing was forced, support was constant and we all left wanting to come back for other courses.

A fantastic start to what really is an unending journey in opening ourselves up to more and embracing self-expression.
R. Bryson, financial analyst


I had been struggling with social anxiety and specifically blushing and the fear of blushing in public/social situations to the extent that it was affecting my ability to socialise and fulfil my real potential in many aspects of my life.

I was concerned that I may not be the ‘typical’ participant the course would not work for my issue and this would mean the great lengths I had gone to in travelling, staying over at relatives and then the two trains rides to get and the financial costs of doing this would be a waste and the experience would not be repeatable in the future because of the cost outlay.

The concern of not being typical was found to be irrelevant as there was no problem at all with my involvement and I would say I played a positive role in the group for others benefit and that ultimately there is no ‘typical’ participant and so anyone from any background could participate without the same concern of fitting in.

The experience was hard to describe but a strange sense of fun with the drama enactments and just the interaction with other participants and seeing their own situations unfold was satisfying to see.

My strongest memory and most important moments in the process were with my own transformation breakthrough process both in the first and second weekend. These showed me my issues in a different light and the viewpoint of other people not seeing the problem as big as I did revealing. Understanding the potential root of my problem has also changed my perspective of the causes and that they are more of things I nor anyone else could be blamed for and so there is nothing fundamentally ‘wrong with me’ only that I am holding onto thoughts and feelings I shouldn’t be.

I am most pleased that I was able to talk freely about my problems without feeling particularly uptight in doing so because of such a supportive and understanding environment and that this being able to talk openly about my problems is a big part of the resolution I’m seeking.

At times I noticed some self-consciousness and thoughts of ‘what the hell are you doing here’ and ‘you don’t need to be doing this weird stuff, what would people you know think of you if they saw you doing this now’ going through my head as I was doing the drama enactments. It was challenging and it took some focus to push through these thoughts and concentrate on what I was doing and why I had made the journey to do this to carry on.

I’ve noticed that I seem more relaxed generally.   and conversations with colleagues and students and the random general public are easier. I’ve still had situations of blushing but seem less bothered by them happening (which is a key step for me) Understanding myself more deeply, why I am who I am, seeing the advantages/disadvantages of this and that it is ok to be just me, as I am, faults and all, has been the most significant shift since the course ended.
Dave Smith, fitness instructor


It’s been just over a year since I finished the course and so much has happened. My life certainly stirred up when the course finished – I fell out with my best friend, finished the relationship I was in and realised that I was unhappy living in London…so finally decided last Easter to leave London and move back home to Cornwall.

As soon as I made that decision everything else has fallen into place. I am moving to the most beautiful village in Cornwall, a place of many happy childhood memories. I have decided to start my own chocolate business. I have my first wedding to do in September and my former employer wants to be my first corporate customer for chocolate gifts.

And I have met the most wonderful man. He lives in the village, and is the most kind, caring, loving, supportive, creative and exciting person – and perfect for me! We complement each other well and make a great partnership. It is a totally different relationship to those I have had before, and I really believe we will be together for a long time. And I met him when I came home to tell my family about my chocolate idea.

I wanted to tell you because I truly believe that my time with you and the group changed my life in so many ways – I really did get unstuck and have turned my life around. It really does work! A huge thank you for everything Claire, you and the rest of the group helped me get there.
Lindsay Stone, entrepreneur 

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Dates:  28th Sept-14th Dec 2023 
Times: 7.45-9.45pm
Venue: The Upper Room, 8 Greenland Street Tube: Camden Town 

Cost:  £380 (12 sessions which can be paid in instalments) or £360 (Early Bird discount)

If your employer is paying for you: £430 or £410 (Early Bird discount if booked before 19th April) or Charities: £380

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