Advanced Course: Speak with Charisma

Next live course will start on May 18th @6pm

Have you got over your worst fears of public speaking but know you could be making more of an impact?

What if you could speak so your listeners are hanging on your every word?

What if you had Charisma?

Charisma is a rare quality – we know when we see charisma because we feel compelled to listen to those who have it. There is a magic about them. We notice them as soon as they walk into a room.

We are so inspired by what they say that we find ourselves almost as enthusiastic as they are about the thing they are speaking about. They have a way of communicating that brings us alive and makes us feel good.

What if you too had the ability to do this? Just think what difference this could make to you in your life?

In truth, charisma is not god-given – it is something that can be learned and developed. When you are able to draw on its magic, your communication can truly be effortless – whether it’s delivering a presentation, speaking in meetings, promoting yourself or your services, or expressing your opinion in a more informal setting.

This 12 week course is designed for people who have participated in the Finding Your Voice Course or feel they have a certain amount of confidence in speaking in front of groups – but know there’s a whole lot further for them to go.

You’ll have lots of opportunity to practice and develop your speaking skills and stretch way further than you thought you could – in a safe environment with a great bunch of people who will support you to the hilt.

This group is designed for you if: 

  • You want to develop your speaking skills and get a whole lot more practice speaking in front of groups.
  • As a follow-on to the Finding Your Voice course.
  • You want to be able to inspire your listeners and overcome your  tendency to doubt yourself or your abilities.
  • You want to feel more comfortable promoting yourself, your ideas or a cause you believe in.
  • You just know that some part of you is in hiding and is keeping you away from the success that is rightfully yours. You need a safe place so that you can overcome your fears without the judgments of other people.
  • You want to be seen, valued and recognised by the people who are important to you in your life and your career.

The group is limited to twelve people , and this means that you will build up a strong level of trust with a small group of people who are 100% in support of you making a significant breakthrough.

This makes the group a very safe place to explore any area where you are stuck. And you will also be able to work at an individual level. Then watch your life begin to transform in magical and unexpected ways.

Please note: it is fine to miss one or two sessions and still get enormous value from the group.

“It was amazing!”
I attended the Charisma course in September 2019 for 12 weeks. This was the second of Claire’s courses I have attended and it was amazing. I learned so much about myself during the course. I have always been uncomfortable speaking in groups, especially when I am not familiar with the people in a group or the content I am talking about. This course has given me the tools to speak up in unfamiliar situations and to manage any anxiety I may experience during these situations to keep pushing to get my message across, which I am able to use during both my social and professional life at work. 

The course taught me that speaking with charisma is a learned skill and anyone can do it. 

Claire is a great teacher and person and this comes across during the course because there is no judgement from her.  She is very encouraging and allows you to be yourself while providing gentle encouragement to try different things.

I would encourage you to attend this course if like me you are a shy person who experiences anxiety when having to speak in groups or do public speaking or even someone who is good with public speaking and would like to add some more tools to your tool box… there is always something new to learn from Claire’s courses! 
Olivia K, Chartered Accountant

Coming out of one’s comfort zone cannot happen in theory
I think what is particularly great about Making Moves courses is that they make you do things, you would probably never do elsewhere. Things like responding to the immediacy of the situation – may seem easy in theory, but in practice there is not much space to practise them in our everyday life. But the trick is that coming out of one’s comfort zone cannot happen in theory, it needs to be a real experience – and Claire’s courses will definitely make this experience happen.
Ksenia, Gallery Assistant, London

Doing the Course on Zoom
I was thrilled when Claire decided to run the course via Zoom, this opened up the possibility of doing it whereas otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to (as I can’t presently get to the venues).

Having done the in-person courses, and loved them, I was curious to see how it would translate on Zoom. I was not disappointed, with the break out option within Zoom and Claire’s skill at teaching I don’t feel that I lost anything by not being in person.

In fact, in some ways it made me feel more confident and less self-conscious as I was in my own space at home. It was exciting to see who we were going to work with when Claire put us into groups, rather than feeling like nobody might pick me when choosing partners. The course was excellent and I would do it again and again as there is so much content to go over and practise. Thank you Claire for delivering yet another excellent and life-changing course and for navigating the technology with such ease and professionalism.

Catherine Crompton, Pilates Teacher

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May 2022


Dates: 18th May – 3rd August, 2022 (Wednesday early evening – 12 sessions)
Times: 6pm – 7.30pm
Venue: Magdalen Centre, Eversholt St, London NW1 1BN
Cost:   £345 (12 sessions which can be paid in instalments) or £330 full payment discount

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