Coronavirus Safeguards

We will continue to be cautious about reducing the risk of transmitting Covid 19.

No one has yet contracted the infection due to attending my courses. This is because my courses are attended by highly responsible people.

But please do a lateral flow test if you have been in contact with anyone with a positive test result and inform me if you have a positive test result or feel it is advisable for you to stay away.

However, because of the impact of missing sessions, we want to encourage participation rather than staying away. As many of the people who attend my courses have been severely impacted by the isolation of the pandemic. We are here to support you into moving into a more healthy interaction with other people.

Check in with yourself that you are not using the Covid situation as an excuse to avoid attending the course. As your non-attendance will not only be detrimental to you but will have an impact on others in your group.

We have had some miraculous recoveries when people have arrived feeling tired or under the weather, and this has shifted completely by the end of the session.

Hand sanitiser will be available for your use – and you are welcome to wear a mask if you want to offer an extra layer of protection to others.


If you have any concerns about these safeguards or your own vulnerability, please get in touch with us through the form below. You will have an opportunity to express your concerns or requests to other course or workshop participants at the beginning of the first session.

warmest wishes

Claire Schrader

Getting in Contact

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