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Next workshop date: Sunday, July 9th, 2023


confidence workshop

Build a natural self-confidence the fast, fun and creative way

  • Would you love to Express Yourself and let the real you out?
  • Want to play more in life – and have a whole lot more fun?
  •  Want to overcome your fear of performing in front of groups?

In this one-day confidence workshop, you will be discovering the keys to an authentic confidence and how to exude the kind of magic and passion for life that enables you to look and feel good.

The workshop provides a context to express yourself in a safe environment with other people who feel in the same boat as you and are 100% committed in supporting you in making breakthroughs in the area of self-expression, confidence and overcoming your fears of performing/speaking in front of others. This helps to counteract the effects of having your confidence undermined in the past.

We will be working through a specially adapted form of drama (The Sunflower Effect) based on Claire’s experiences of being a shy introvert and what really worked in getting her out of her shell, combined with some of the most effective personal development tools that will enable you to make a significant shift in the way you express yourself in your life.

You are most likely to benefit from this confidence workshop if:

  • You feel restricted, inhibited. You want to hold back less often from expressing yourself and express yourself in a more natural way that looks and feels good.
  • You want to get out of your head, have more fun, feel more alive and care less about what other people think of you.
  • You want to get better and feel more comfortable at performing or standing up in front of groups.
  • You want to feel more comfortable in social situations.
  • You feel a desire to be creative but you feel blocked from expressing yourself creatively. Your career or lifestyle offers few outlets for creativity/self-expression.

Over the course of the day, you will participate in a series of experiential exercises in which you will have an opportunity to play out powerful characters from a well-known story enabling you to shift out of habitual modes of being and play out the many aspects of yourself that have been suppressed as a result of negative experiences in the past.

Fun and laughter are a very important part of the process. You will have an opportunity to discovering the innocence and freedom of being a child at play – and this is particularly important if you are someone who gets caught up in the serious things of life or doesn’t even think that you can play.

confidence workshopGradually through the day a new you will begin to emerge. For some people, this is like a light bulb going off – and they will be surprised at how easy it is to express themselves.

By the end of the day, you will feel the walls that have kept you locked away in your shell begin to melt away* – which many people say continues after the workshop has finished.

If you continue with this process then you will see some significant changes in your confidence levels, how you express yourselves in your life and how other people relate to you, as well as feeling having greater energy and enjoyment in life.

See this Facebook Live in which I spoke in more detail of what to expect from the day.

Many people go on afterwards to join either:

This workshop is aimed at newcomers. No previous experience is needed other than a willingness to “have a go”.  A fun and informal place to break through your barriers to expressing yourself with a lovely group of people who feel in the same boat as you.

Many people who have participated in my other groups find this confidence workshop a great place to have a refresher and to build on what they have achieved in the past.

What participants have said about the workshop

It was a fun and useful workshop that was an excellent way to practice socializing and speaking in public in a very safe supportive setting. We were a total of eight participants. We were pretty quiet and reserved at the beginning the day, but we really had fun together and everyone opened up so much as the day went on.

After the workshop, I feel more confident and relaxed with a greater willingness to express myself in a variety of situations. The workshop reminded of the positive feelings I have when I get more into my body and out of my head and how fun it can be to socialise and work in groups. It also reawakened the awareness that my personality has many different aspects or “characters” rather than the narrower self-image I generally have (i.e., I should only behave in a certain “right” way), which opens up more possibilities for interacting with the world.

I was a little apprehensive before signing up, but I’m very glad I did. It’s not easy finding a way to practice social skills in a very safe and supportive setting, but this workshop definitely does that.
Michael 5 star review on Hotcourses July 2019

I did the 1 day express yourself workshop and can happily say that it was one of the most fun and liberating experiences that I have ever come across. Claire is very accommodating and encouraging and this helped everyone to relax and flow. The workshop was a fun and explorative process that brings out various facets of ones personality.

I believe as people we are more than the perceived roles we hold in our day to day lives. Drama helps to bring forth hidden depths of our multi-faceted selves. The spontaneity involved lets you free the mind and get you to a place where you can just ‘be’. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the whole process good fun!
B.C. London, librarian

This workshop was such a tonic. I haven’t had so much real fun like that for such a long time. It put me in touch with feelings (such as abandonment to having fun and not caring about how i looked) that I haven’t really felt since i was about 14.

It has helped in getting to know my real self and not the ‘responsible adult’ that I have had to become being a parent for nearly 30 years. I really liked getting to know the others and sharing the fun, truths and honesty about our feelings. It was a great group. Thank you for your kind and gentle direction. The experience was so worthwhile to me.
Linda Gamin

Thank you for a truly transformative day on Saturday.  The effects went far deeper than I thought.  I felt more and more tired during the afternoon and when I got home I just collapsed on the sofa, but I already felt much freer.  Playing the different characters was truly liberating.

On Monday I realised I wasn’t setting off for work with the usual sense of dread.  Instead, I felt a quiet calm.  The resentment I felt towards my colleague’s behaviour has gone and I am finding it easier to let her get on with it without entering into her drama.  I suddenly noticed that I’m speaking more clearly and confidently and so far I haven’t heard myself apologising for sounding muddled.  This is huge progress.
Mary Baker

I was excited about the workshop and feeling it was important for me. But also feeling that maybe it wouldn’t help me, might not be any good, or that the people taking part would be scary in some way. Meeting the other participants, I saw their problems, the reasons why they were attending, all sounded so similar to mine. No matter how we all seemed on the outside (whether seemingly shy or seemingly confident) – we were bound together by our same struggles with the world.

I enjoyed being able to do something I never usually do ie stand up and perform, deliberately draw attention to myself. I was particularly impressed because for the first “performance” I really was devoid of ideas and sceptical of how it would go and yet I found on the spur of the moment quite a powerful way to express fear, and felt it was “me” too. 

Since the workshop, I’ve been more willing to just get on with speaking to people etc without feeling I have to say the “right thing”. I also feel that I am more willing to feel vulnerable. That my vulnerable self might be “ok” and I don’t have to make myself better than this. I am putting myself a bit more “out there” with less concern for what other people might think of me.
Sarah S, teacher

I so enjoyed the workshop on Sunday, I kept chuckling to myself when I thought of the funny bits.  Thank you Claire! it was the most fun time I have had for ages and I was able to do things which would normally make me feel too self-conscious.  It was an absolute pleasure meeting everyone.
Maureen Colston

Everyone is different and progresses in different ways – and it depends on how deeply you are locked in your shell. But for those who persist in this process will see dramatic results in how they express themselves in their life.


Date: July 9th, 2023

Time: 10.30am – 5.30pm
Venue: Helios Centre,  116 Judd Street, London, WC1H 9NS
Tube: Kings Cross/Euston/Russell Square
Cost:  £105 (includes £35 non-refundable deposit)

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confidence workshopIf you’re new to this approach you may want to sign up for the free chapters of my book which is also a good preparation for participating in the workshop. This is a very good way to gain more understanding of why you are in your shell and what it will take to get you out of it.

Quite understandably, if you are new to this you don’t want to commit yourself to something that might turn out to be a waste of time and money.

This is why I offer new participants a 120 DAY money-back guarantee because I know how powerful the workshop is. If you attend the whole workshop and participate fully and have gained nothing from the experience then I will refund your money.

NOTE Because breaking out of your shell is a complex process, and everyone’s process is different and this workshop is designed to get you started – and most people feel a significant shift by the end of the workshop- I usually ask you to wait at least 6 weeks before you apply for the refund. Simply contact me through the form above and I’ll be back in touch with you.

If you don’t hear back from me in a few days – usually I get back to you in one day – please email me again. It probably means that something has happened to your email – either it never reached me -or I’ve had a computer disaster and lost your email.