Do I need any drama experience?

No you don’t.

Most people have little or no experience of drama.

My courses are designed for people with little or no drama experience or have had negative experiences of drama – and will help you overcome your fears of being in the spotlight, of looking ridiculous or expressing yourself.

It is not like a drama class where you are put on the spot and told to do something that you don’t want to do. See I know I will be made to look silly

Or, where there is an expectation for you to perform well."/The thing that blocks most people’s confidence and self expression is the pressure to perform and to look good – which is an ego state and which blocks so many other areas of life too.

The Sunflower Effect will take you beyond ego, competitiveness and the usual trappings of drama to a means of expressing yourself through powerful characters within carefully chosen stories.

During the session you will be invited to take this pressure off yourself, to be prepared to make mistakes,  to go with the flow of your natural instincts and to have fun. This produces a very safe atmosphere for self-expression.

The funny thing is that when you stop being so focused on the result, this opens up a space where you may surprise yourself as to what you are able to achieve.

Because it’s not about being good or bad at drama, it’s about what you experience when you are playing the characters. This focus will put you much more in touch with your “essential self” and what really matters to you in your life.

I’ve created a video on this very subject – which you may like to view which won’t display on this page

See the article Express Yourself for more detail about how this works.

If you’ve had some drama experience
For the same reason, people who had previous experience of drama find the Sunflower Effect, a very different way of working because it’s not about performing and putting on a good show.

It’s about exploring the truth within the character and through that liberating your self to be more of who you truly are. See confidence for performers

More questions
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