Do you get many foreign individuals attending your classes?

Funny enough, I do get a very high proportion of foreigners or people with different ethnic origins in my courses –  quite often there are more “foreigners” than “English people”!

I don’t know quite why that is?

By foreigners, I mean people from many parts of the world that are working or living in the UK. Many do not have English as their first language.

But there is also a very rich ethnic mix of people originating from other countries.

How good does your English need to be?
It needs to be good enough, by which I mean that if you are able to hold down a job and converse with other English speakers, your English is probably good enough. Your English, in fact, may improve because the courses encourage you to speak spontaneously. This is particularly so if you have a heavy accent.

Many foreigners find their confidence is effected because English is not their first language, even though they speak English very well.

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