The pictures of people on your website ring an alarm bell for me that I would look stupid and embarrassed if I came along

hide-and-seekThanks for voicing your concern. I TOTALLY  understand.

What you discuss is exactly what the session is about – freeing yourself from the self consciousness and embarrassment and being out of your comfort zone.

Who would want to expose themselves to feeling like that?

So here’s a few things that might reassure you.

  • You don’t have to dress up. It’s optional. Most people do because its actually easier – you leave behind yourself and all that self consciousness.
  •  Whilst you may feel self conscious, at times – my courses are a very safe place for you to break through in this area but dressing up does not need to be part of it. You can breakthrough without going near the dressing up box.

If you can move from A to B then you can participate.

It’s also not about conforming to some outside expectation it’s about finding a way of expressing yourself in your own way.

And you may find yourself spontaneously doing this!