Nothing else has worked

If you are have been in counselling or therapy or other kinds of group therapy and not got anywhere, then you don’t want to repeat that experience.

You need to get unstuck fast!

However, there’s a very good reason why  these things  haven’t worked and you’re still feeling stuck :

  • They’re head-based – and you can’t come out of your shell if you’re in your head, sitting on a chair or lying on a couch. It is simply impossible.
  • They’re a technique – and it takes a long time for a technique to become second nature however hard you work at it.
  • They’re not designed specifically for moving you out of your shell.

How The Sunflower Effect Courses are different

My courses are very different. They are active and practical. They don’t involve you learning a technique like in assertiveness courses, public speaking or presentation courses.

And unlike most kinds of therapies, the attention is not on a problem and what is so wrong with you.  Instead, you’ll be taking action to free yourself from the things that are keeping you stuck. This creates a very different atmosphere and mindset.

The Power of the Group


You will be collaborating with other people, creating together – and this can be great fun and very liberating.  You will hardly notice that you are doing and saying things that only minutes before you would have thought lifetime impossible.

Many people who take part in my groups, have had this experience, and are amazed at how very different the Sunflower Effect is and how quickly they get unstuck.

If you’re stuck then you need to move. Feeling stuck is the result of not moving, of becoming stagnant. If may feel strange and uncomfortable for you to move, play or create, but persist and this could be a breakthrough in its own right.

Hard as it is to believe that you can shift major patterns whilst having fun, but it’s true.

Feeling stuck and nothing else has worked

Also, the process is not therapy but personal development work – and the attention is not on fixing something that is wrong – but on growing – something we all do naturally. It does not stop when you leave school but should continue throughout your life time.

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How do I get started?

But I suggest you don’t leave it too long before you get started. Because not doing anything only compounds the problem. If you need a bit of a helping hand check out the Daily Dose of Inspiration on my Facebook page.

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