Is it therapy?

Making Moves delivers educational, self improvement/personal development confidence courses, workshops and individual sessions for normal adults.

The Sunflower Effect is therapeutic and healing certainly. It depends on how you define the word “therapy”. Certainly, some of the results people achieve are as powerful as achieved in therapy, in certain cases more so.

Personal Development

My courses are designed for people who feel motivated to shift areas of stuckness, so that you can be more effective and more empowered in their lives.  Most of my own personal work (20+ years) has been under the personal development banner and so my approach is more orientated towards personal development and empowerment – not because there is something wrong with you for which you need treatment.

However my training is in dramatherapy and I use dramatherapy structures because this provides a very safe environment for you to make the shifts you seek. See my training and background.

This means that if a deeper issue should surface I will be able to help you and may suggest that you do some individual work or do one of my more advanced courses.

My courses are not designed for who have a diagnosed psychological condition – although people who have been through some kind of “break-down” and have fully recovered have participated in my courses without any detrimental effects.

Emotional Baggage

Most people have emotional baggage of some kind, and whilst it’s sitting there inside you, it will be hampering your every move and ever attempt to move forward in your life.

I draw extensively on methods and techniques that I have found the most potent and useful. As I work with stories and myths, we are working directly with the language that the unconscious work in  and this enables us to work with the deeper cause of your issues.

This commonly gets much quicker to the root of your suffering than most traditional forms of therapy. And helps to shift the energy that has been keeping you stuck, so as to bring transformation to trauma, in a way that is liberating and empowering.

You will not be asked to delve into or speak about painful experiences in your past – as we are working in metaphor (through myths and stories) and there is often no need.

The enactment of the story/drama/myth does the “work” for you.

Working with a fairy story that has relevance to our lives is deeply transformational

I often work with people who are also in traditional psychotherapy and this can be very powerful – as the my approach has a way of by-passing the mind and uncovering deep levels of awareness – which can be explored in further depth with your psychotherapist.

Many people know they need to do some work of themselves, but find the boundaries or the language of psychotherapy rather limiting. And some people have had bad experiences in therapy that has left them feeling frustrated and manipulated. So my approach offers an alternative, working in a way that is closer to coaching or other forms of motivational work.

The importance of Laughter

Laughter is very important part of the process.  Laughter therapy is coming into vogue these days but at Making Moves we have been laughing for years – often until our sides split – and this I feel is why people shift so fast.

And in my more advanced courses we have been crying too – crying at the wonder of what it is to be human or because we empathise deeply with someone else’s story, in the same way as you may find yourself deeply moved by a film, play or book.

This of course is powerfully healing.

Laughing and crying

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