How do I release writer’s/creative blocks?

If you have a creative block – and this is very common – this is a sign that your natural creative energy is not flowing.

  • This may be because it never has i.e. you have a powerful urge to be creative – you’d love to paint, write, dance, act (or any other creative activity) but when you come to do it, you can’t – you feel frozen, incapable of doing anything.
  • Or you have had times when your creativity has flowed effortless and now it just isn’t. What is commonly called writer’s block but can come in almost any form i.e not just limited to writing.creative-block

You may have tried some of Julia Cameron’s wonderful books, and found that although her exercises really help they do little to dispel the real block, and/or you find it hard to motivate yourself to do the whole programme on your own.


From working with people over the years and from my own experience of releasing my own creativity, I know that that the thing that blocks us most is in our own head. It is the critical voice inside you which judges and censors everything you do. It tells you, you are going to look stupid, people are going to laugh at you and you won’t be “cool”. This is why talking approaches or anything that requires you to sit in the chair can only help to a certain extent.

creative blockA far quicker and more powerful way of releasing the block is through the body. Working through the body will enable you to access the powerful core of your creativity – which lies in the whole of you and not just in your head. The body in fact is a far more powerful source of your true creativity than anything your head can dream up.

If you come to work with me I will give you some simple tools to get out of your head and to allow your body to lead you. This is the fastest track way to outwitting the “judge”. But this alone is not enough for many people. Often the block conceals powerful emotions  and having a vehicle for accessing and expressing those emotions, will get to the core of what is keeping the block in place. Then it will simply dissolve.

For most people this is an effortless process and they find that working through creativity has an incredible effect on their capacity to be creative. They tell me that they are on a creative high for weeks or months afterwards.


I usually recommend the Improvisation Group which is a very fast way to unlock your creativity. This the quickest and most economic way for most people to get unblocked.

creative blockYou may also want to join one of my other courses – Breakthrough or Breakthrough Plus or the Breakthrough to Performance Course which works through creativity which offers an opportunity to progressively allow your creativity to flow – exploring through myths, plays or film storylines.

I regularly run Mega ME, an Advanced Workshop, which is  a more intense “creativity attack”. Many people come to Mega ME just to keep their creative juices flowing and to find creative inspiration.

The one day Express Yourself Workshop is aimed at beginners and is another good way to release creativity.

Participants often tell me that after attending one of my courses or workshops – their creativity flows like a dream – they can’t stop writing, painting, composing…..

Individual sessions are powerful when there is a deeper issue that is causing causing your creativity to be blocked. Sometimes this can be achieved in just one session particularly in combination with a group or workshop.  Otherwise 3-6 sessions will get to the bottom of the deepest creative blocks.

Take a look at the article Brief Encounter which describes how I worked individually with a client – and how the creative process got to the core of what was keeping her blocked in a powerful and moving way.

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