What are the other people like?

participant3Most people comment on just how supportive the other people are and how quickly they feel at home and part of the group. The spirit of camaraderie between people and the sense of connection with other people is what makes the experience so heartwarming.

  • Many come because they are introverts, shy or reserved, and they’ve had enough of hanging out on the sidelines. They want to move into centre stage. They want to be more confident at work and be seen and valued for their gifts and talents.
  • Most come because their daily lives do not give an outlet for self-expression and as a result, feel blocked in their expression. They live busy lives and do jobs in which everything is about being serious. They want to express themselves, be more of who they truly are and to play more in their lives.
  • Some people who come feel that they are on some kind of a path of personal growth or personal improvement. They know there is something more to life that accumulating money and possessions.
  • confidencecourse1Some come because they feel they have lost touch with their inner child and that a vital spark is missing. As a result, they feel exhausted and deadened a lot of the time. Perhaps they never played much as a child because of family dynamics and became “a little adult before their time”. They want to play but don’t believe they can.
  • Some have gone through a lot of difficult or traumatic experiences that have caused them to withdraw into their shell. They want to break free of these, without having to stir up a lot of painful memories.
  • Some are wanting an alternative to head based or talking approaches. They’ve had enough of talking about their issues, and find when they work with creativity; suddenly they begin to shift in ways they could never have imagined.
  • Some are creative people who have lost their creative spark or want to be more visible in the world.

There is a wonderful group of people who are drawn to Making Moves. Many go on to become good friends with other people they have met on their course or workshop.

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