What professionals say about the Sunflower Effect

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Professionals at a dramatherapy conference

Here are some comments by professionals about my courses and workshops:

I asked Claire if she would run an Impro Group as I had so enjoyed her weekend workshops. At the time I was feeling a lack of imagination, and I wanted to take more risks.

It was a fabulous group, and that was in large measure due to how well Claire creates safety. Several of the group were nervous (including me), and I watched all of us grow and increasingly take more risks. But the climate of acceptance was such that we no longer (felt) afraid of our bodies and what could come out of our mouths, it deepened out trust of ourselves and therefore each other, and by the end, there was a lovely feeling of togetherness in the group.

I have noticed a huge difference in my teaching work. This came as a result of feeling more confident that I could trust myself to take risks, and the results have been quite remarkable. I would recommend this kind of group and Claire to anyone.

Robin Shohet, Author of Supervision as Transformationa  passion for learning

I find that Claire’s methods and compassionate approach compliments hypnotherapy as clients can actually practise, explore and build on what they achieve through hypnotherapy, while being held in a safe space. You don’t need to be a wallflower anymore; you can become the sunflower that you really are. This book will show you how.”

Kirsten Dahlerup, Clinical Hypnotherapist and NLP Master practitioner kirstendahlerup.com

John Grant, author, strategist (marketing and innovation) spoke at the book launch of From Wallflower to Sunflower about the innovative work he did with Claire in the nineties to enable marketers to understand the mindset of their customers better. He speaks of the power of drama to gain deep understanding of ourselves and others as a result of his participation in the process that Claire took the group through.

John has published six previous business books on brands, sustainability, innovation and globalisation. John was the co-founder of the legendary 1990s London creative agency St Luke’s. He interviewed Claire for Thrive Global about the publication of her book

I feel these are excellent tools for teaching listening, sharing, co-operation, flexibility, self-expression etc. through creativity.

The day reminded me how creative a group of people can be even when they don’t previously know one another well. It was totally joyful!  We were let off the leash and delighted ourselves with what we were able to produce.

Claire enabled us to do this working openly, sort of “on the edge” allowing our spirit to emerge. The style of the day was to go right to the essence of magic and creativity.The day served to renew my hope and sense of confidence that everyone has a creative source inside them.

Tony Page, Organisational Development Consultant, Page Consulting, London

I realise that what was missing in many courses was the kinesthetic element… Lots of visual lots of auditory and not much activity…

Claire showed us how kinaesthetic activities and drama can facilitate amazing openings out in people and bring forth delicious hidden talents…

Peta Heskell, Director, The Flirting Academy, UK

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