What will I get out of participating?

bandw1-e1315120271959The sky’s the limit as to what can be achieved but the key to getting most out of it is to participate fully – or “to go for it”. This is more in your intention and an attitude of mind than anything else.

At the same time you will be having fun and  the combination of these two is very powerful.

Below are some of the common results that you can expect:

  • greater self confidence
  • more comfortable performing/speaking in front of groups
  • more assertive and able to hold your own with challenging people
  • overcome shyness and social awkwardness
  • find your voice and the ability to express your feelings with more authenticity
  • more relaxed and natural in social situations
  • able to speak off the cuff and respond naturally to unexpected challenges
  • have more fun in life
  • increased energy and aliveness

Participants also have reported:

  • getting out of ruts, depression or feeling down
  • resolving past traumas and negative life experiences
  • getting out of their head and becoming more spontaneous
  • freeing themeselves of long standing repressed emotions especially anger
  • finding inspiration for new directions
  • discovering they are more creative than they thought they were
  • healing of chronic fatigue symptoms