Why am I not receiving your newsletter?

The first question to ask you, did you ever receive the newsletter?

If so, it’s possible that by mistake you unsubscribed. It which case you will need to re-subscribe. Do let us know if there is a problem with that.

Or you may have sent the newsletter to your spam. Its a good idea to search for the email address I use for the newsletter: claire at makingmovescourses dot co.uk.

It’s also a very good idea to immediately add this email address to your address book – so you can be sure to receive the newsletter in your inbox.

If you’ve never received the newsletter

In order to make sure that you are a genuine person and not a spam robot, I use a permission-based service that requires you to CLICK A LINK in an email that was sent to you – in order to comply with the anti-spam laws.  If you do not do this, you will not receive the newsletter.

What if I didn’t get the email?

If you didn’t receive the email then it probably went into your spam/junk folder. If so you can try resubscribing. Just return to the sign-up pages for the chapters or newsletter.

If you don’t receive the please contact us and we will see if you are in our system and what might be the problem. And we will try to add you.


Some time ago gmail changed the way email is displayed in your inbox – and they are always changing things so this may no longer be relevant. Got to your account to see if the new “tabbed” inboxes have been turned on (you’ll see the new tabs across the top of your emails).

  1. Click on the Promotions inbox tab. Drag any emails from me and other services you actually want to hear from and drop them onto the tab that says Primary.
  2. Then, when it asks if you want future emails to go into your Primary inbox, just click yes. If you want to totally turn off the new tabbed inboxes, just click on the Settings “gear” image at the upper right corner of your inbox and select “Settings.” This may have changed.
  3. Click the “Inbox” tab and uncheck ALL of the categories except “Primary” then save your changes. Then you can be sure that you will always receive the newsletter.

I hope this helps to resolve any difficulties you were having.

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