What are the other people like?

Most people comment on just how supportive the other people are and how quickly they feel at home and part of the group. The spirit of camaraderie between people and the sense of connection with other people is what makes the experience so heartwarming. Many come because they are introverts, shy or reserved, and they’ve had enough of hanging out

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How often do you run your courses?

I run most of the evening courses 3 times a year i.e Breakthrough Group, Finding Your Voice Group and Beginners Improvisation for Social Confidence. Courses usually start January, May and Sept . I run the Express Yourself Workshop three times a year and this usually happens in between the start time of the 12 week courses i.e. Feb/March, June/July, Oct/Nov. Breakthrough

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Where do you run your confidence courses?

I run most of our confidence courses and workshops in London. Most courses take place in Central London around the Camden Town/Euston/Kings Cross areas where there are easy transportation links. Many people travel long distance to attend the courses i.e. Leeds, Leicester, Birmingham The venue of the course will be indicated in the course details which you will be sent

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