Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses/Workshop Reflections and Feedback

Writing about your experience is helpful in processing the course/workshop or the parts that had most impact on you – and will often increase the benefits.

I really love hearing from you after a workshop/course – so please send me your reflections. It is also very valuable for me to hear about what you experienced. It is great too to hear any success stories, or surprising coincidences that seem to relate to or come about as a result of the course/workshop etc. And if things haven’t shifted as much as you would have liked – please tell me about that.

Here’s some questions that you may find helpful. You can write as much as you like.

You don’t have to answer all the questions. Just the ones that relate to you or inspire you. Thanks for taking the time to give me feedback.

Course/Workshop Reflection and Feedback

Course/Workshop Reflection and Feedback

  • You didn't know what to expect; You felt nervous about participating etc
  • What is your strongest memory or the most important moment in the process for you? Which characters did you enjoy playing most and were you able to free up something in yourself through playing them? Or what were you pleased you were able to achieve?
  • Were you able to move through the difficulty or do you still feel stuck in it? You could include any aspects of the characters you played that you found difficult or made you feel uncomfortable (this may indicate that there is more work to do in this area). Be aware that it can take some weeks to process your experience - and you are likely to see further changes in the coming weeks and months.
  • What changes do you feel you have been able to make or shifts that you’ve noticed?
  • Please let us know any feedback you have for the facilitator?
  • Please get in touch with us if there is...because sometimes the workshop can unearth suppressed material – and it is a very simple matter to resolve.
  • Please tell us of anything that effected/blocked your commitment
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

What’s next?

Did you enjoy the course or workshop and want to do more? People who participate in a series of courses over a period of time, make significant shifts in their confidence levels and so much more. See the other courses I run – that are designed to build on what you have achieved. Often people find the second course they do enables them to make much faster and more dramatic progress than the first – particularly if they are very introverted or have been though a lot of difficult life experiences.

Or see my calendar of events.

Which course should I do?
I suggest that you book a strategy session with me so we can establish what would be the best next step for you. To book your strategy session – send me an email or call.

Powerful keys
Often the creative work you have done can uncover powerful keys, and we have gone onto work with these issues individually and unlocked parts of them that have been deeply buried (for a very good reason). The energy that can be released as a result of this can be simply phenomenal – something that would have taken years to get to in traditional psychotherapy. See more about individual sessions.

If you don’t see anything on this website – tell me what courses/workshops you would like to see me offering. Email me.

Want to tell your friends about this approach? Thank from the bottom of my heart for introducing your friends to my courses.

I hope to see you again very soon