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Article: Being too nice – how to be nice without other people taking advantage of you

Article: Basking in the Spotlight – how to enjoy the spotlight particularly if you’re an introvert

Article: The real reason why you hide away – how to stop hiding and let your true light be seen

Article: True Confidence

Article: The Curse of Emotions – how to overcome negative emotions

Article: Anger as Positive Power – how to transform your anger into power

Article: Shining your Light – how to promote yourself with ease

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I LOVE your article, Claire! I’m starting to get it why drama is good for you, though my first block would be overcoming my crippling stage fright! Your article is well written and makes so much sense…..I had wondered why so many comedians suffered from depression!
S.W. Artist

Hi Claire, Just writing to say thank you so much for all your articles,they always manage to make me feel better as sometimes in this world there is little I can relate to and these newsletters have a voice I completely identify with. Thanks.

T. V. Student

Dear Claire…

How do I really share or elaborate the worded response – ‘awesome’ – that escaped my mouth, as I read this? How do I really tell you what the ‘awesome’ springs from? How does one describe this ‘physicality’ that you so wonderfully talk about?

I was thinking this thoughts as I thought of how to tell you how touched I was…. and it seemed so important to me that I share that… I felt like a Christmas tree that was all ablaze with bright lights – not light bulbs, but more like intensely bright flash-bulbs popping here and there constantly…

Your article lighted me up… like a Christmas tree that was dynamically lighted. Thank you. (Only the tone of the voice would convey what lies within and beneath this word.)

B.S. IT Consultant

Dear Claire….I do enjoy your pieces – they have a great combination of wit and wisdom……

S.S. (Counselor)

I have to say I love the way you write and find it very meaningful and helpful….

C.M (Project Manager)

Claire….you are just one word….Amazing!!!!!!!!!!! Your writing is one of the first to really get to the core of my problem and solve it. Really, thank you from the depths of my heart.

See https://www.makingmoves.net/introvert-performance-anxiety/#comment-65

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