Why the things you’ve tried haven’t worked?

You may have tried lots of things to come out of your shell or to get over feeling inhibited, shy or self-consciousness.

  • You’ve read all the books about it?
  • Been to workshops that promised to change your life?
  • Done assertiveness, presentation or confidence building courses?
  • Learned countless success techniques?
  • Or, have been going round and round in circles in therapy talking about your issues?

But you’re still stuck in your shell.

It’s true. It’s not so easy to break out of your shell if you’ve been there a long time.

It’s human nature to fall back into old habits.

However, there’s a very good reason why most of these things haven’t worked:

  •  They’re head based – and you can’t come out of your shell if you’re in your head, sitting on a chair or lying on a couch. It is simply impossible.
  • They’re a technique – and it takes a long time for a technique to become second nature; however hard you work at it.
  • They’re not designed specifically for moving you out of your shell.

    It’s very difficult to come out of your shell when you’re in your head

Many people struggle with self-consciousness in some form or other.

They may describe it as a lack of self-confidence, of feeling inhibited, feeling stuck, confused, depressed, or a feeling that they are not fulfilling their potential.

Feeling Locked Away

It all boils down to the same thing – of feeling locked away, boxed in, or trapped within yourself.

This may be because you are:

  • an introvert like me and have a tendency to withdraw into yourself
  • reserved, shy, or quiet
  • have had some difficult experiences in your life which you’ve never quite got over (sometimes in spite of years of therapy)

If you experience any of these issues, then I assure you there is a way out of this.

I’ve done it myself, and I’ve helped hundreds of people like you do the same.

And don’t worry if you’ve spent a lot of time and money on other approaches, nothing has been wasted because the work you’ve done will enable you to break out of your shell FASTER.

What will work?

The Sunflower Effect Courses work because:

  • They are designed for you to come out of your shell at your own pace and in your own way.
  • They will get you out of your head so you will start operating from a more intuitive place. Watch the world open up for you in surprising ways, as more of the real you comes out.
  • They are not a technique but will shift you at a fundamental level, so you will find yourself behaving in new and surprising ways without even thinking about it.
  • They are fun, and that actually is why they work so well.
  • They won’t break the bank. My events are priced at an affordable level, and in most cases, you can pay by instalments to make paying as painless as possible.

The Sunflower Effect

But one of the main reasons that they are so effective is that they work in a completely different way from most confidence courses.

They are based on my own experiences of transforming from a wallflower into a confident person in a relatively short amount of time. I developed the Sunflower Effect, which uses an adapted form of drama combined with the personal development tools that worked the best for me.

The Sunflower Effect works on the principle that the very thing that poses the deepest challenge for most quiet, shy and reserved people – doing drama, being in the spotlight – is the thing that will liberate you from the internal restrictions that are holding you back.

The Sunflower Effect  Confidence Courses

My courses provide a very safe environment in which you can gradually expand your comfort zone bit by bit so that you will find yourself easily accomplishing the things that used to be challenging for you.

This could be speaking up in front of groups,  socialising with your peers, networking, holding your own with dominant personalities, delivering presentations and reports or advancing your career prospects.

The Sunflower Effect has enabled hundreds of people to say goodbye to their wallflower existence and become “sunflowers” – someone who is naturally self-confident.

It doesn’t matter inhibited or self-conscious you are.

I have helped people with very severe issues who believed they would never get over this issue.

Participants at the book launch of “From Wallflower to Sunflower”

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