Individual Sessions for feeling stuck

Alternative to psychotherapy - dramatherapyFeeling stuck and nothing else has worked?

Then a Sunflower Effect individual session is a highly effective way of shifting stuckness, so that you get back on track with your life and find peace of mind.

It an alternative to psychotherapy or a talking approach – if you know talking about your issues is not going to solve your problem.

It too can help you if you are not quite ready to join one of the Sunflower Effect Confidence-building Courses?

  • Know there are inner blocks that are holding you back?
  • Feel as if you’re “stuck in a box”?
  • Are depressed?
  • Are lacking confidence?
  • Are going through a tough time
  • Want to stop feeling angry, sad, hurt, resentful or unhappy?
  • Can’t seem to move forward in your life?

It is very likely that you are feeling “bad” because you have been through a difficult emotional time or the circumstances of your life has triggered old trauma. And these emotions release toxic bio-chemicals into your system that are literally poisoning you.

This is why it is often very hard to shift these states by talking about them.

And the mind has very clever ways of diverting you from what is the real cause of your pain.  It also has very limited ways of accessing the trapped energies that lie buried deep within you.

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The body’s response to stress/trauma

When you go through any kind of trauma, stress or pain, your system can’t cope with all the toxicity. Therefore it looks for ways to resolve the situation so you can meet the challenges of your life.

This is the old flight/fight response that was very effective when we were cavemen and needed to get away from danger. However, it is not so useful in the twenty-first century when we are dealing with far more subtle and complex challenges.

And so your psychological defense system dumps it all in the unconscious. And there it will lie, often for years on end. You may experience this as a numbness or a feeling of deadness. Often people can exist in these states for years feeling low in energy but thinking this is normal. Until something sets off the toxic response.

Alternative to psychotherapy - dramatherapy

For more information on how this works see my article The Curse of Emotions.

The “Way Out” of feeling stuck

A Sunflower Effect individual session is successful in healing these states at a very deep level because it by-passes the mind and your defence system. Thus it is able to access the trapped energy that lies buried deep in your unconscious.

This is because it works through the language that the unconscious works in, story. This is the same language that is expressed through your dreams.

We will be working through the body and the imagination, through a simple and gentle process. This can also be very enjoyable. The unconscious will reveal its treasures through symbols and the amazing cast of characters that live within you.

It is like being in your own movie, play or novel in which you are the lead character.

Alternative to psychotherapy - dramatherapy
A client connecting with her true self during an individual session

You will have the opportunity to explore these characters and discover the source of their pain or dis-ease, opening up a pathway to healing often in magical ways.

Commonly only one session is needed to resolve or get to the heart of an issue or emotional state that would normally take weeks or months to get to through a talking approach.

Often after a session, people can literally feel the energy shifting in the body, so that the “stuck” feeling simply no longer exists. It is common that magical things start to happen in the form of synchronous events, opportunities, and people which shifts the situation beyond recognition.

 What people say about individual sessions

I feel fortunate to be able to experience Claire’s work in both individual and group venues.  For me, her work to be deeply transformational and incredibly freeing and healing.  In my individual session, I worked with an issue that I had processed many different ways and was still bound by for over two years.

With Claire’s facilitation and guidance, I was able to explore, identify, own and integrate aspects of this plaguing issue in ways that I could not get to on my own or with any of my other previous guides/healers/modalities.

The judgement-free space which Claire held I felt same and comfortable enough explore and heal these parts of my psyche,  Walking away from the session, I felt empowered and joyous as if I had reclaimed a lost part of myself, and much more in control of my own energy.
G.K. Student

Claire Schrader’s work genuinely deserves to be called remarkable.  Her insights and method of working have moved me into places I couldn’t even see, let alone go to, and left me confident that I can walk into any work situation and know whatever the outcome, it will be the right one for me.
David DV, lawyer

I needed a new furnace in my 59-year-old house and was struggling with the cost of the system and the three days of upheaval to install it.  I was spinning around in my head thinking about all the things I would rather do with the money, why me?, and so forth. I had a lot of doubt that anything would work because I had convinced myself that there was no way around this struggle.  I felt rather trapped in a rigid pattern that I thought only time would lessen.

Claire opened the door to a journey that took me to archetypal help -a marvelous dragon who helped me see that the issue wasn’t the money involved, but my stubbornness around having someone else help me. I liked how Claire was able to take me out of my left-brained cycle of repetitive thinking so I could release the tension around the situation and rejoice in a new sense of safety.

It has been a couple of months since Claire and I worked together when more of the process kept unfolding….more stubbornness to release and I found such clarity for my path.  I realized that I needed to make changes in order to honor the dragon (my passion).  Thank you again and again, Claire! I would definitely recommend the service again for myself and others.
J.Z. Higher Education Lecturer

Audio Testimonial
Find out how Making Moves courses enabled this actor to uncover and shift the emotional blocks that were keeping his career stuck.
Listen to the remarkable turnaround in his career that have come as a result of transforming these emotional factors, and more important, the even deeper shift to his personal happiness.

Common issues that have been successfully worked with:

  • feeling stuck
  • confusion about what is the direction of your life or fear of moving forward
  • confidence
  • buried/unexpressed emotion (or depression)
  • emotional blockages
  • addictions particularly within relationships
  • creative blocks
  • performance nerves/anxiety

Practical details

Where: Online via zoom or in-person (when permitted) in UB6 (nearest tube Sudbury Town)

 You will be sent full details when you book your session.

If you wish to do a skype session, please send your skype name, and I will send any instructions you need.

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Cost: £75 for a single daytime 60-minute session (finishing before 6pm)

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Cost: £90 for a single evening 60-minute session (after 6pm)

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£105 for a single daytime 90 minute session (finishing before 6pm)

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£125 for a single daytime 90 minute session (after 6pm)

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Five Session Daytime Package.
If you book a series of 5 (60 min) sessions, £300 (you will save £75).

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Five Session Evening Package.
If you book a series of 5 (60 min) sessions, £360 (you will save £90).

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